8 Ways to Recharge on a Sunday of Rest

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Ever turned up to work on a Monday feeling like you barely got a weekend at all? Between chores, errands and people to see it can be easy to feel like our weekends fly by without a sense of much-needed relaxation. However, it’s really important to give ourselves valuable down time.

Sundays are our chance to reset our minds, recharge our bodies and get ourselves ready for the week ahead. Here are a few ways you can make good use of your Sunday and walk into the office on Monday feeling truly rejuvenated.


1. Venture out on your own

We can be so used to doing activities with others that the idea of going to brunch or a movie on your own might feel a little strange. However, once you let your self-consciousness go, there can be something truly freeing that comes with the independence of doing things by yourself.

The great thing about heading out on your own is that you get to focus on yourself and what you want to do with your time. Check out the art exhibition that intrigues you, take your book to a café, or spend as long as you like in your favourite shop without worrying about holding someone else up.


2. Go exploring

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a new place, so I’m a huge fan of travel. If I don’t already have a trip coming up, I’m daydreaming about where I could go for my next one. (If you haven’t seen the vlog of my cruise with my fiancé Ben recently, click <here> to see it).

The thing is, sometimes we can get so focused on exploring exotic, novel locations that we can forget how much there is to see in our own backyard. It could be as simple as heading to a new suburb for your morning coffee, or going for a Sunday drive to the other side of the city or a neighbouring town. You’ll be amazed at what hidden gems you discover by wandering outside of your usual area.


3. Redecorate

Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than giving a room in your place a makeover. Buy some incense or a pot plant, rearrange furniture and unearth some old trinkets. Unleash some good feng shui, then spend the rest of the afternoon basking in it.

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4. Get out in nature

There’s a reason why Instagram is filled with pictures of nature and it’s not just because it makes a pretty picture. We have an instinctive attraction to the outdoors, and thankfully we’re rewarded for it. Getting out in nature replenishes our body, builds up our immunity and is a proven mood-booster.

If you can’t get out hiking or to the beach, head to the local park or get out in your garden. Your body and mind will thank you for it.


5. Learn something new

Apparently, knitters are onto something. A study of 3,500 knitters found that the longer they spent at their craft, the happier and more relaxed they felt. The good news is that this doesn’t just apply to knitters; any hobby will do. Learning something new is good for us. It gives us a sense of purpose, it connects us with others and it helps us to gain confidence. Spend your Sunday afternoon taking up a new hobby and see where it takes you.


6. Check out a local event

Feeling bored but not sure what to do? Google what’s going on in your area or check out Facebook events around you. It could be anything; a comedy show, a local market, or a music gig. Sometimes, the best events are the ones you least expect, so keep an open mind and go with the flow.


7. Turn off your phone

Research has suggested that the mere presence of a phone beside you can make you feel more distracted. As a person who loves being connected to my world and those around me, I can truly attest to the benefits of shutting off social media.

On the occasions that I have gone without it (admittedly, not usually by choice) I’ve found that rather than craving my phone it’s surprisingly felt like a relief. After all, we have the other six days of the week to check emails and Facebook notifications. It’s worth having at least one day of device detox.

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8. Find your inner zen

Relaxation looks different for everyone so this one doesn’t have an exact formula. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a yoga class or simply chilling out with a glass of wine, set aside time on your Sunday to shut out distractions and truly relax. Even if it’s just for an hour or so, it will put you in a state of peace that will last well into the next week.

Happy Sunday resting!





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