An Acceptance of Enoughness & Doing the Big Work


After a beautiful and adventurous weekend with my boo, today we got down to business and our other love - helping you bring your superpowers to the surface to truly shine.

We sat down to our laptops at 8am and next thing we know it's 8pm!
We had a lot to do, a lot to say, were completely refreshed from our mini getaway, and when we have big work to do, this is when the magic happens.

It felt like progress, absolutely - but still - it felt like a long way from done.

Sleepy heads need love from their pillows and these daydream believers must collect more visions from the night.

At first, I resisted and let overwhelm cling a little too long. I closed. And I felt the discomfort gnawing.

I reached out to my man and took his outstretched hand with grace and a few big breaths. And I opened again. #breathe.

I am calm, grateful, softly smiling.

I now am truly able to apply the moving through of emotions and experiences that once closed me off - both physically and mentally - from pride in my efforts, from momentum, from affection, and ultimately from my own inner peace.

Tonight, fear of the future and fear of not enoughness have been freed.

Tonight, I'm so in love with life. I know that tomorrow that the sun will rise and the tide will wash in and back out again.

And, as I set my intentions for tomorrow - to be of value to the world by being of value to as many more people as I can - I breathe.

I have big work to do and it's rising like the sun.

I'm rising.

There's greatness on our horizons...for we've only just begun.







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