How My Arbonne Business Supports My Art Career

arbonne supports art career

It might come as a surprise to some, but network marketing can actually support the career that you're already in.

I have a network marketing business and I have an art business - I am an artist.

My network marketing business supports my art career by allowing me to be more confidently Me.

I have become more aware of actually who I am and how to be who I am.

It supports me to be less stressed, more focused, and a lot more passionate. Allowing me the space to be all of these things without the worry of exerting all my energy in a traditional job that I don't enjoy.

With the lessons and freedoms of my network marketing business, I bring my creativity to life.

In fact, so many things in my life are now feeding my creativity, whereas three years ago, so many things were stealing my creativity and robbing it to the point that there was absolutely nothing left. And that's where I was calling myself a #bullshitartist because I was definitely not an artist picking up a paintbrush. If anything, I was just picking up a glass of wine (you feel me?).

As a creative in a J.O.B you can become so bogged down in the daily grind that any artistic energy you might have had is zapped come knock-off hour. But I think a lot of those things can be self-inflicted. Because we want to reach our goals so much we can put pressure on ourselves and say ‘yes I want to do this, and this, by this time… and if I don't then I'm an absolute failure.’ Amiright?

Here's why #justbloodydoingitalready in network marketing can be the biggest support to your creative career:

  1. Time and.... ahhhh financial freedom to really create without boundaries
  2. Dollars for the stuff and things that cost money in the growing of your creative career
  3. Freedom to flex your creative muscles without the pressure of 'making it work' and 'making it pay'
  4. A growing network of people all around you = more eyeballs on your work
  5. The chance to travel (heck, or just be social!) that provides a smorgasboard of inspiration for even the most everything's blocked creative 😉


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Freedom From the BS

We can put pressure on ourselves in network marketing as well of course - no bullshit there. But when you do get on that bike of network marketing and you really start to become more confident in building a business that is professional and profound and not based around putting pressure on other people - which is what we're all about not doing FYI - then it gives you this tremendous sense of freedom. Freedom of time, freedom of money and the delicious freedom to create.

And yes, it's a reality. You can have time freedom and you can have financial freedom and you can have creative freedom....when you work for it.

So initially – like a lot of worthwhile endeavours – that network marketing biz you're thinking is going to answer all your prayers, also requires that upfront shunt. You may have to be prepared to be out of balance to get the balance that you want. And that usually starts with:


‘I'm not happy in my job,’ or ‘I'm not happy with the amount of time that I'm putting towards my creativity, or the amount of money that I'm able to put towards my creativity.’ ‘Therefore, I'm going to focus on creating a vehicle that will get me that, and I'm going to put time into that.’

Of course, you can still be creative in that time, but sometimes you've got to put some effort into something else that's going to propel the other thing forward.

And that's what I did.


The Goods

Building a successful network marketing business has given me a chance to renovate my house and to build a studio for my art….without hurry. I really didn't do anything in anything in a rush, which surprised me because I thought that's what I wanted so much. Hurry up and be an artist, hurry up and be famous, and hurry up create everything that I wanted. And instead it was like play. And the playing gave me the space to finish this, or fix up that, or get a blank canvas and start on this, and if I felt like finishing that one today, then I would. And then I would go into the studio other days and just be all 'new canvas, new canvas, new canvas,' and I’d finish five in a row. #flow.

There was no real rhythm to it, and I think I needed that. I needed to have that creativity unleashed and just allowed in its own space for the first time in a long time.

I've since moved state and so that is studio now occupied by someone else… but full of love. But it came about because of my network marketing business, so it’s got this extra special energy in there as a creation of another kind. It’s something that I’m totally OK to say I’m proud of, just as much as any beautiful piece of art I’ve made.


Freedom to Flex

I truly believe that a great network marketing side-hustle/main-game (whatever floats your boat) supports a creative career best by reducing that crazy-annoying pressure to perform. It takes that pressure off creating to make money and been locked into doing something that you don't want to do at a time when you really aren't feeling creative. It allows you to nurture your creativity and nurture the time and the space that takes to feel into your creativity again. Like you know if you're creative person - like you know as a person - our likes, dislikes and our energies change throughout the year and every year, and so as different things happen in our lives there's a different way of expressing that. And here you have the freedom to honour that.

My business has been a great support to my art career to the point where, now living in a different place, I'm more focused on smaller pieces of art and I’m able to be totally OK with that. I am able to spend time promoting my work and to not feel like I've got nothing to say but actually tonnes to say… which is really important! I couldn’t even post on Instagram at one point because I was so in the mindset of being a boss lady in my IT company, that I didn't have the energy to then shift to my mind completely to be Stella. To immerse myself in all the beautiful things that come exploring my craft.

I’m very flexible as an artist, and it's enabled me to accept that, and to not 'have to' just create things because people think they're pretty. I can create things that are pretty to me, and then other people can find them.

I don't have to follow trends anymore (which is nice). And if you understand that from a creative point of view – whether you're a writer, or an actor, or a musician, or a dancer – to create freely is the ultimate existence.

For me, there was also a certain new-found confidence that came from stepping into myself and owing my own unique personality, as well as being rewarded in an area that I never thought I'd be rewarded in. Because, as you might relate to, my network marketing company is definitely not the box that I thought success was coming in for me. I had only hoped prayed that the art career was the thing that was going to do that. But here we have this 'lil' ol' lipstick thing' rocking out the support all needed and shit. ?


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Major Eyeballs

Super importantly too, you have a bigger network through your team - above, within, side-to-side and all around the world - who become part of your family of friends and who all have networks as well, and they see what you're doing. It's not necessarily that you suddenly start selling to these people, but they are understanding who you are and they start to know your story. In network marketing, just as it is in the arts, our stories are so important and that's how we find each other. That's how we find our tribes for life, whether they're in our team or not.

BONUS - you actually have a bigger network of people who are now recognizing what you're doing, and loving what you're doing, and seeing the passion with which you're able to express it all. And that is an incredible booster to any kind of creative career…. because of network marketing.


Adventure Inspired

This life inspires you to travel more. To seek out experiences and believe you can. It might be walking across a stage with confetti falling all over you knowing that you've done a great deal of good to get there; it might be getting to live in your dream house or driving a nicer car; or it's traveling to beautiful beaches and beautiful cities around the world; or whether it's going to third-world countries and making a positive impact; giving to a cause close to your heart; or getting your hands dirty in your own backyard with your own community and beautifying it. It all adds to this beautiful fabric of inspiration and eclecticism and cultures that truly ignites your creative fire.

You find and hear more stories and you find even more inspiration. You find more pieces of life that speak to you, that light you up. And then you can create magic from that that you never thought that you could before. Or when you are looking for that special something or you’ve had some kind of creative block, then these experiences actually unleash it for you and you can explore it with your full force creativity and birth your artistic gifts that are profoundly impactful in the world. And in a way, I think every creative being desires to do that.

You might write a song that becomes a huge hit and starts a movement. You can write a play that does the same thing. You can create a piece of art that brings someone to their knees because it's directly speaking to them and changes their life as a result. Whatever it is for you, in my experience, you are exposed to a greater number of different opportunities through network marketing than in a traditional J.O.B or within the boring four walls of your current life.

It bursts you out of your box and that springboard effect is very motivating and necessary for all the parts and pieces of inspiration that combine to create your next masterpiece.


Oh What a Reason!

The support of my creative career as a direct result of building an epic network marketing career has been gold. The lessons, connections, freedoms, adventures, challenges and wins are all the best bonuses that I never ever thought would come from saying one big YES that day to one person who asked one question.And what a damn good reason that is to actually create something with network marketing.

What a reason to actually get in and do the work.

If you want all of that stuff and you want that beautiful creative life….do some work with the thing that is offered to you right now and you can have that.

You can have that regardless, perhaps with a lot MORE work, but I believe network marketing is a really good vehicle for creative people to take off the cloak of pressure and to step into the creative live that they're meant to live.

I hope this has inspired you to work hard, work smart, and be a beautiful big-thinking,
big-doing business builder. Go ahead and share it if it has.

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