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I never consciously wanted to be a rebel. I liked to be liked, not rock the boat, and I didn't like "being in trouble." I did all my homework on time, respected my elders, and was polite to the point of annoyance (our awesome neighbour would shove a glass of water in my hand when I would constantly say 'no thank you' every time she offered me a drink even though it was hot as hell)!

I always tried very, very hard to do "the right thing," and "wrong things" would haunt me for years...like the time in kindy I so badly wanted to be like the cool kids and catch the bus home, so I took a detour to pick-up via the bus line and caused mum to have a slight heart attack and the teachers to send out a mini search party to find me. Even as an adult, if I even thought about speeding, a cop would appear seemingly out of nowhere to squash that idea, or an authority figure would drop the infuriating "we expect more from you Miss Clark."

Between acing school, dancing, work, pleasing the adults, and avoiding narcissistic bullies who would target the goody two shoes, I was exhausted, confused and becoming increasingly resentful of this world that told me one thing but often did another.


The rebellious spark was always in me. It's my creativity, curiosity, wonder, desire for adventure and depth, and it's call has been getting louder and louder this entire decade, sick of being boxed and misunderstood.

It's definitely been out for a spin, but I don't regret a second of it! Exercising the rebel resulted in some of my juiciest life experiences, biggest lessons, and most interesting stories, and even though they upset a few people, they are my moments to own and always were. A lot of people 'affected' by my actions often just inserted themselves into the situation for a bit of drama in their otherwise boring existence anyway!

Well, today, the rebel in me roars. I am a wolf and a tiger and a f*cking peacock, and I'm allowing the power of my wildness to lead. A LOT! I have always coloured outside the lines and at least that was one thing I was praised for (whilst simultaneously been told I'd never make money as an artist 😏).


So here I am: abstract, LIT, and ready to rock it all - MY WAY.

....and I hope you do too.





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