Celebrating Colourfully with a Pop of Pride at Home

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To be proud is to feel "deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one's own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated." And if that doesn't sound like pure love, I don't know what does. Actually - rainbows - everybody loves rainbows! So in celebration of every Pride day, month, event and LBGTQ person, let's fly the joyous flag of freedom and get colourful. Try these rainbow dresses and decor on for size and just try and not be GLAD about it!

"One day we won't have to 'come out of the closet.' We'll just say we are in love and that will be all that matters."



  • Complete an outfit with a hint of colour pop in earrings, a bag, a bag strap, emblem on your shoes, rainbow socks or ribbon belt
  • Vacay with pride with a prism of colour on your beach towel, luggage tags, togs or sunhat
  • Make your stationary sing with swirls of rainbow shades and Pride branded designs
  • Bring the rainbow inside subtly with colourful piping on cushions, tea-towels and hand-towels in an otherwise all-white kitchen or bathroom, or display trays and glassware with metallic rainbow effects









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