My Christmas Wishlist & Gift List

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  • Mum - like most mum's, mine is a bit of a legend and I appreciate everything she's done and continues to do for me so I love to spoil her at Christmas. This year it's a big and beautiful beach bag full of her favourite skin care, lipsticks, candles, tea, magazines, chocolates and some anti-aging pillowcases - they are heaven!
  • Sisters - I have two sisters who both love all things beauty and design as much as me so they'll also be getting a mini bundle of hand cream, highlighter and a magazine or two.
  • Fiancee - these days Ben isn't afraid of the shops so he has himself pretty much covered in terms of material items. But one thing he really wants to get sorted this Chrissy is his teeth - a good investment in his health and confidence indeed. He'll probably get some well dressed man care too to keep up those boyish good looks 😉
  • Girlfriends - besides bubbles of every kind, I'm thinking a good old fashioned reunion wouldn't go astray. Hopefully we can wing some kind of epic summer soiree in one location, with us currently living all over the country.
  • Business Partners - you can't beat books and bling, and for something a little different, gift them at New Year instead - a fresh smart start!
  • Mentors - because they are so far away it's a case of a really nice hand-written card from my own Hey Stella Collection they can frame, pin up or re-use as art around the home or office some way. When I next see them in person I'll usually gift them a luxury candle, pen or stationary set, which are always useful gifts.

Christmas is coming my friends. 

And as usual, I'm pretty darn organised.
Holding myself back from decorating already.
Maybe I'll have a wrapping party for one instead??!

Here's what's happening wishlist and gift list wise:
(fingers and toes all crossed for my list!)






What's on your lists?
Are you freakishly organised and in mad love with Christmas as much as me?!
Tell me all about in the comments below.





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