Cute & Cosy Valentines Finds For Her & Home

You don't have to be hitched to enjoy a little pretty pink and red marketing of the emotion that makes the world go 'round this Valentines Day.


Just enjoy it because....

  • because it's been a whole 51 days since Christmas. And presents.
  • because pink and red are so hot right now.
  • because you've gotta love yourself first.
  • because you can, OK.

So this might be the most appropriate time ever to say 'shop till your heart's content gf.'


But also do some of this too....

  • hug someone.
  • tell someone what they mean to you. Nicely.
  • show some gratitude for the cosy vibes you DO have right now.
  • whether you buy yourself something or not, remember to tell yourself you love you.
  • and same goes for someone else. Tell them and show them in ways other than just gifts.






What do you get up to on Valentines/Galentines Day?
(or do you call it something else?)
Lemme know lovers.
Big Kiss




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