Dealing With Grief During The Festive Period – A Guide

The festive and end-of-year period, even if you don’t celebrate any particular holiday, is a time of reflection. As such, emotions can be heightened, for better or worse. When you come together with loved ones and spend time thinking about your experiences and looking forward to a new year, it’s hard not to be pensive and feel a little emotional.

This means that if you’re dealing with hard and heavy emotions, like grief or loss, the festive period can exaggerate those feelings. Understanding that you’re not silly for feeling them a little more sharply is the first step, and pretending you don’t feel them is another. Too much self-care advice like this can focus on convincing you that things aren’t that hard with the right attitude, and while that’s true, it doesn’t help when we’re having a rough time.

So, how do you deal with grief at such a unique time? Well, there’s no one way to go about it. But we hope you can find some solace in the following advice:


Memorialize and Honor Your Loved One

It’s healthy to memorialize your loved one, not only does it provide you some sense of closure but it can help you feel as though you’ve done something productive at a time when you lament a lack of control. For example, biodegradable urns can be a wise purchase, perhaps even for a pet, to ensure that you give the sending-off they deserve. That helps you approach the subject head-on, without necessarily having all the answers now.

“There is no right or wrong way to handle the holidays. You are in complete control of your plans as to what you will do during this time of the year.”
― Richard Kauffman


Have The Celebration You Want, Not The One You’re Obligated To

Be kinder to yourself during the festive period. It’s good to stay with your loved ones and lean on your family for support, but if you need to take a break, like perhaps staying in instead of going out with a friend, you absolutely can do that. Don’t feel obligated to the usual festive progression, instead focus on a healthier outcome. This means focusing on the celebration you really want, not one you feel like you should be having. That allows you to focus on a little more self care, and it’s okay if you postpone some of the festive tradition.


Express Your Emotions Creatively

Emotions can bounce around in your body if you don’t address them, and so it’s good to consider creative methods of doing so. You might pick up a paint set and paint to help you express your emotions, journal, or even play your instrument. Being proactive allows you to bring something healthy into the world, instead of solely feeling dismayed. It also gets those thoughts out of your head somewhere tangible, instead of thinking the same insights over and over again.

Expressing your emotions creatively also allows you to relax into yourself as needed. It gives you something to work on that isn’t your own grief, and that in itself will help you feel so, so much better about everything.

With this advice, we hope you can deal with grief more easily during the festive period.
If you need more support, make certain to reach out to
professional services.





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