You Can Most Definitely Be Spirited AND A Badass!

Spirited, connected and empathic do not mean distracted, weak or lazy.
Are there some people like this? Yes. Is this generally true? No.

Generally, the more we know our soul and faith unshakeably, the more grounded with our breath and connected to the clarity of our thoughts, and the more we are aware and loving with our emotions... often...the more resilient, compassionate, robust, agile, prepared, level-headed and able to focus we are.

I'm no longer choosing to believe the minority report is true. For me, I perform better, look better and feel better when I regularly lean into me. When I get quiet and pay attention to all the tiny but vital signs our bodies and souls give us to guide us with strength and fortitude every single day.

Therefore, it's my obligation, priority, responsibility to make the time to pay attention to me‼️
And the same can be said for you.


I am my best and give my best when I am nourished from head to toe and inside out. I'm not perfect or aiming for it in the typical sense, but an optimal, ideal, whole, happy, healthy me is the vessel from which I create my life's work. I'm now looking after my beautiful brush and creating with the best paint because my life is my art.

You are the best work in progress you will ever have. LEAN IN.
Look after your tools now and you'll love the process of making your picture of tomorrow even more.




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