How to Write Your Own Affirmation Statements

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Writing your own affirmation statements can seem daunting, and taking full and active responsibility for your life may feel a bit scary at first. It's okay to feel this way, but writing your own affirmations can be exciting, inspiring, empowering and cathartic. Taking time to invest in yourself using positive affirmations will deliver some positive outcomes.

Affirmations are very intimate and can be emotionally vulnerable creations. Writing your own statements is a great way to connect with their messages and yourself more, in a deeply personal way.

They can be written around creativity, passion, self confidence, career, love, strength, a particular goal you are moving towards, or around any other personalised subject. And they can be used for healing, motivation, daily reminders, or wishing tools in moon rituals and magick - the options are endless and your reasons for creating them have no bounds.

Creating your personal I am/I have/I accept/I embody/I release statements is an enjoyable, rewarding and often meditative practice that is actually quite straightforward once you get into your rhythm. Here are some practical tips on how to set yourself up for that flow in writing your own affirmations. I call this my Affirmation Zone...


1. Environment

Examining your wants, needs and desires is a deeply personal activity that requires complete honesty with yourself. Feeling safe is a crucial aspect of creating powerful affirmations, allowing you the freedom to be truthful.

Creating an environment in which you are comfortable expressing your innermost thoughts may be helped by generating a ritual-like feeling. Lighting some candles, playing calming music, turning off your phone, and settling into a comfy spot might help you feel the reverence of the moment. Breathe deeply and begin to tune in and listen to what you need to hear.


2. Brainstorm

As you begin to find a place of safety and calm, this is a good time to look deep into your subconscious mind and divulge your innermost thoughts. Often a brainstorm, thought dump on paper, or intuitive drawing may tease out your desires, the things you are struggling with and what you wish to change. Don't hold back, don't filter your thoughts, nothing is "wrong."

Once you have identified the target of your affirmations, visualise yourself from the end-goal perspective. What I mean by this is consider yourself already having, feeling and becoming that which you desire. It may help to ask yourself these questions:

  • How does it feel?
  • What does it look like?
  • Who is with me?
  • How am I holding myself?
  • How do I know it's me?


3. Writing

When you are familiar with your desires, whether they be feelings, emotional aspirations or material wants, start writing ‘I am’ statements about them. These are usually best written in the present tense as if you are currently living with the results you visualised while pondering the questions above. Add the elements you identified in these questions into your affirmations.

There is no right or wrong answer, words or phrases; the affirmation just needs to feel right to you at the time. As you continue to speak these self-fulfilling prophecies, you may find that you want to adapt them, which is completely okay!

Declare these new-found affirmations with feeling! Really mean what you are saying and visualise yourself with the desired outcome. Many people choose to keep special journals with their affirmations or put them within frequent sight. I often ‘draw myself’ into the experience I am aiming to create. Very often, these situations have come true!

Creating your own affirmation statements can be a lifelong life-affirming activity that can produce beautiful, serendipitous outcomes physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually if you let them...and then let go.
By creating a safe environment, thinking deeply, and carefully constructing your statements,
you're walking on your way to attracting what you desire.





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