LIFE AFFIRMATIONS :: Why It’s Safe to Keep Smiling & Still Be Strong

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"Keep Smiling." I used to be that girl - Pollyanna - the girl who'd keep smiling no matter what. But a pained heart does not a sincere smile make.

Nope, too much sadness suffered in silence and too many shit people tolerated.

Spirituality does not mean 'accept all crappy things that come your way as something you created.'

Not entirely, not in my book.

I can powerfully unleash my badass assertive self without resorting to low-level bitchiness. I co-create my world and experiences, yes, but not everything is deserved, warranted, tolerable.

Time is relative in these individual contexts. There is no rule on time deserved, warranted, tolerated.

Here's the crux of it: People say to me, 'Sam, you can't expect people to know how you want to be treated.' And, 'Sam, save your compliments for when people actually deserve them.' WTF kind of thinking is that??! What world is it that people 'don't know' to treat each new fellow human they happen across with kindness, compassion and assumed goodness of heart first?

What world is it that I have to water down my kindness, compassion and assumed goodness of others hearts upon first meeting?!

That is madness to me. That's not how I was born, or you were born, or anyone (yes anyone!), I believe, was born.



Hate and greed and jealousy - mean-spiritedness - is a learned, programmed hook to a belief that triggers behaviours in line with that belief.

And for those confused... my assertive badass is simply the heart of a woman being kind and compassionate to herself first because she KNOWS she has goodness in her heart worth keeping. And no longer tolerance for those wanting to change it, OR for those blaming busyness, their upbringing, or their assumption that I'm doing so well as to not need (deserve? #underdoglove) their kindness, compassion or assumptions of goodness.

So sure, keep smiling and dishing out heaping doses of kindness and compassion. Assume the best in everyone... but if they prove otherwise and continue to prove otherwise even after your inquiry for their wellbeing, before the point of pain atop of pain, turn your smile away from them and simply send kindness and compassion from afar to be truly kind and compassionate to yourself.

Keep smiling...really, smiles cure so much. But know when to turn your smile away from those trying to wipe it off.

It's ok to be the first to turn away. And if you think about it, saving them the pain of not being their best self towards you and you having to endure that is the kindest and most compassionate thing to do. Turning away allows you both to get back to finding better relationships where your instinctively good, kind hearts can prosper!


Pollyanna is still alive and well in me, but she grew up and got strong.

Assuming goodness.
And strong enough to stop smiling in the face of bitches


LIFE AFFIRMATIONS is a series of rants and ramblings triggered by questioning 'accepted' behaviours, ideals and cliched statements that are often nothing more than eargasms and outdated programs. They are my own opinions in those fleeting first moments of tossing the idea around and discovering how I can take it's essence, modernise it, and make it my own. And so yes, my opinions can and do change. I am a human being, not a human machine. I share these to encourage you to question situations or beliefs in your existence that may not be serving you. My wish is that you will share your breakthroughs, share these messages, and help me in creating a domino effect of empowered thinkers and happier people. However, if you feel the need to hate, this disclaimer of my humanity...of my thoughts, shared on my directed at you. 





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