I Love Sponsoring People Who….


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I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant and this is who I love to surround myself with and sponsor into my business, so that they may live their most beautiful life too.

Prior to Arbonne I was on total people burnout. I had gone from a singing on the bus happy-go-lucky kid, to a 29 year old whose people patience had all but worn off. Misalignment will do that to you!

Today, with the help of meeting incredible people through this business, much self-development and actually being happy in myself and what I am doing and bringing to the world...it's a very different story.

Now as I grow my Arbonne business in all 7 countries we are currently in - Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Poland, New Zealand and Taiwan - I'm thrilled to find people from all walks of life who want to make or be the change, who want something more and who dare to dream!


*PLEASE NOTE: There are no guarantees and this is not material produced or endorsed by Arbonne. Results are different for everyone and are not based on sponsoring alone. Annual typical earning statement available at iccs.arbonne.com. These are my own thoughts, opinions and preferences.


I love coaching people. I love rewarding people. I love cheering people on....

I love sponsoring people who....


  • I love sponsoring people who have a big dream and who aren't afraid to dream bigger - even when they're told to come back to reality.
  • I love sponsoring people with a massive goal - who know what they want and aren't afraid to go and get it.

I love sponsoring people who don't fully realize their potential and when they start to see it, they're just totally blown away and on fire!

  • I love sponsoring people with sparkly eyes.
  • I love sponsoring people who love on their families, and want the best for their families, and want to leave a legacy.
  • I love sponsoring people who are organized, who are motivated, who are driven, passionate, great listeners, great communicators, who love life and who love and respect themselves.
  • I love sponsoring people who have the bravery to love other people unconditionally, or to let them go with love.
  • I love sponsoring people who love to travel ...and I can have lots of really fun travel conversations with… and then we can plan trips together, and actually go on them because we are free... and earn free ones too.



  • I love sponsoring people who challenge me, who are more successful than me (because you're not too successful to do network marketing).
  • I love sponsoring people who are creative. Not just people in the arts, but people who are creative thinkers, who find different ways to do things. People who can follow a system but can express themselves through that system. And in that they find their tribe.
  • I love sponsoring people with massive heart and so much to give, and a big goal of big vision of who they're going to help down the track. And not just their teammates, but as a result of their growth they’re building schools, or they’re teaching overseas, or they are giving back to their local charity, or loving on the earth and planting more trees.

I love people like that - with a really clear giving-back vision.

  • I love sponsoring people who want this. Who really, really want their life to be different but actually aren't quite sure if this is the vehicle for them. And I love watching them transform. I love seeing them realize that this might not be the box that they thought their dream life was going to come in, but in fact, it's perfect - it's exactly what they needed.
    ...And that was me.
  • I love sponsoring people who are like me. I love sponsoring people who are not like me.
  • I love sponsoring people who really likes fashion (lol, but for real) because there's so many pretty places to wear pretty dresses. (This was a problem for me. I had a lot of pretty clothes but nowhere to wear them. Now I get to dress up... a lot!) If you like fashion this is a great business for you.

Oh my gosh shoes! Yes....I love sponsoring people who like shoes.



I love sponsoring people who are shocked to find out how amazing Arbonne really is. They might have been using the products for a really long time, and then when they finally understand the business or they see it for the first time, their brain explodes just a little bit - like, 'oh my goodness really, this actually exists!'

  • I love that moment where people say that this sounds too good to be true (and I'm like yeah I felt the same) and then they go and create it. They say to me: 'All this is true, this really is true! I do get Tiffany at Christmas and flowers on my birthday!' They believe. And then live that belief - live their truth.
  • I love sponsoring people that have a glimmer of hope... and then that hope becomes river as they change, they transform into the person they always knew they could be and love their life sick! I love how it inspires the people around them. I've seen this happen - they break open the flood waters for the people around them to go for whatever they want. They start the trend of caring and trying and doing and succeeding. They are pioneers of permission slips to shine in their community, just by going first.
  • I love sponsoring men into my business.
  • I love sponsoring couples into my Arbonne business. I love seeing their joint vision come together, families come together, supporting each other and all having equal play and all enjoying the rewards.

I love sponsoring people with a skill that is aligned with Arbonne products. Hairdressers or makeup artists; skin specialists; health practitioners; nutritionists, and those already practicing in the health, fitness and beauty realms. It provides them the opportunity to hit refresh on their existing practice and perhaps even give it purpose again.

  • I love sponsoring people who are already successful - from doctors, lawyers, performers, and business owners. They thrive with the personal development as much as the next person but they can also leverage their existing success, large networks, perseverance, determination and coping tools. They use their celebrity in the best possible way - sharing an educational and inspirational message to give people the hand-up to their success, rather than hand-outs.



  • I love sponsoring people who have other passions. Those who want to invest in property and require the capital to get started. Those who want to create a new business, or a new empire, or invent something. Musicians or artists who want to fund a special project or go to college or a school in another country.

People who are hungry to see their passion come alive because of Arbonne. And thrive because of Arbonne. It's really cool. And it's happening for me.

  • I love sponsoring people into this business who are a little bit different. Who might be a minority in some other workplace and who maybe hasn't had a voice before.

Those who would rather not conform to been told when to clock in and clock out, when to go to the toilet, each lunch, and what to say and how to dress on a daily basis.

  • I love sponsoring people who think differently. Who may not have ever had a platform where they can be themselves before, let alone be celebrated for being themselves. I love seeing them attract more of the like-minded people that they want in their lives through their own Arbonne business. For the first time ever they feel like they have this freedom to create a business that is them but still in total alignment with the company ethos and culture.
  • I love sponsoring people who care about our green values. People who care about the environment and really care about other people, and really give a damn about important things are more than welcome here.
  • I love sponsoring people from different cultures. They bring this new energy and this new vibrancy. They bring their different ways and their different rituals and their different beliefs. With the launch of Arbonne into Poland, Taiwan, New Zealand, and next year Germany, there's always so much excitement about exploring the new countries.

    It's one of the best gifts Arbonne has given me - the chance to travel and be immersed in these other cultures. Our global expansion gives voice to sharing their essence and the lives of their people, and there truly is so much to learn from them.I never thought that I'd make friends with this many people around the world and it's only getting bigger and bigger.

  • I like sponsoring people who don't give up - who realize that everything in life is going to have its ups and downs.It's inspiring to watch them handle that reality, and their growth as a result teaches me so much.This business and the people in it and who we get to bring into this business... it's rewarding to watch the people who stick it out and what beautiful life-changing rewards they truly get for sticking it out.

    I feel very honoured to sponsor, coach, mentor, and call my friends, such incredible people.

    Like YOU.


Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself,
vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Gail Devers

*In Arbonne, sponsoring means to introduce and support someone to the products and/or business opportunity. To find out more about how this works get in touch with me personally here. Please read and watch in conjunction with the Independent Consultant Success Summary for your country.






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