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Gotta have a money talk with your other half? Gotta get your affairs in order and pull your head out of the sand? Gotta address that job that's draining you, that health issue you keep sidelining before it sidelines you, or the fact that you're getting older and you're 'nowhere near were you'd thought you'd be?’

I get it. Good for you. It's time and you can do it! You can do it by remembering you're not going into battle, you're having a conversation and making a plan to solve this situation. There's two parties (or more) who have to all turn to the same page and agree, decide, or rewrite what's on it. You're future pacing and dusting off your vision....and it's exciting...if you let it!

Don't believe me?! Dreading it? Would rather run than rummage through this? Don't. Stay. Play this out because it's oh-so worth it.

Try this on for size. Take a breathe and aim for the best.... This is not a test but it can be a big step to leveling up like you want to.

Quit thinking the worst and lowering the vibration of the moment. Be the one who reminds everyone of what's been achieved, of all the small wins that are creating change.... Of the hope that's still available, of the potential open to be filled.

Be the believer.... Be the one passing on the smiles. Be the calm and centred source of reason. Be the cheerleader that says 'we go again tomorrow!’ Be the silver linings playbook. Listen, agree, but offer a new strategy or keep the core one on course.


Because optimism is useful for reassessment rather than retreating when a goal doesn't go your way.
A choose your own adventure attitude can bring clarity when morale is low.
Clarity creates a roadmap and direction re-invigorates.

Treasure exists, but it's first found in your mind. Let your eyes sparkle with that knowledge and the butterflies dance on your excitement for life's glorious possibilities!

No matter what the challenge....arguments will be avoided, stress will be less, energy will be saved, and lot more will be gained from the brightside baby.

Gratitude garners focus and you get what you focus on.

So try it....and rise to it. Because you have the power to change stuff 🌟





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