A Moment for Celebrating Your Success

Happy New Year friends! So nice to have you back, and welcome to my bright slice of the world if you're new around here - I hope you find it as energising as a dive under the waves on a hot summers day. (No really, aren't you just craving that right now?!)

I hesitated at pushing publish on this post for second there, thinking this might be a little 'too much too soon' for what is still a holiday season for most. However, I'm a little bit 'too much' anyway, so bugger it - here's to addressing that nagging feeling of underachievement you may have carried (unintentionally) over into 2018, getting in the way of all those brand new year good-vibes-only feels. 



celebrating your success poem samantha clark

I feel you. 
And it's ok. 
Letting go, accepting, loving yourself sick, can be a bit like that annoying shampoo ad - it won't happen overnight, but it will happen. But also, if your're anything like me and achingly impatient, yes, you can just flipping decide to let go, accept, and love yourself sick right here and right now if you truly believe it. 
And there you have it! 

So let's anchor some of those good-vibes-only right now shall we?

  1. Think of 1 good thing you did last year. Just one. No need to boil the ocean. Got it? Good.
  2. Now take a big deep belly breath in and whoooooshka breath out and read the following passage slowly, feeling into every word. 
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 until you feel more awesome than you've felt all year (yes, see what I did there...never 'too late' for anythin!)


And if you loved this little exercise, let me know in the comments below.
I have a lot of these and I do still use them all the time,
and what's the point of keeping them to myself...sharing the love is what we do here. 


Fall into that reward

It's open arms.

Hug it back with yours


Fall in.

Submit to your success.

Submit to the source.

Submit to your satisfaction.

Submit to the force.

That is the will of the world.

In you

For you.








  1. Stephanie Pursehouse
    January 10, 2018 / 07:24

    I love your positive attitude, it will help get me back to where I usually am, thank you.

    • Samantha Clark
      January 19, 2018 / 16:44

      Thank you, glad to hear it Stephanie x

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