MULTI-TASKING MAKEUP | 1 Brand, 6 Must-Haves

As we get more ingredient savvy with our food and skincare, why not expect more from our makeup as well?

Why wear a mascara that isn’t rich in vitamins? Why gloss your lips with anything that’s not nourishing us with oils?

Not only is multitasking makeup ideal for time saving, space saving in our handbags and holiday luggage, but it's also better value for our money and better overall for our skin.

I agree with whoever first coined the phrase "I like my products like I like my people - non toxic."

And Dr. Peter Matravers, Arbonne Sr. VP Product Development, is all about that. He holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree with more than 30 years of skincare experience, working as VP of Research & Development at Aveda for 13 years, and 8 years at Neutrogena. He holds numerous patents, and uses cutting edge technology blending western science and Chinese/Ayurvedic influences to create products that really perform.

And he's doing a good job as Arbonne's cosmetic range contains “a mix of moisturizing botanicals and age-defying ingredients," as an extension of skincare to help skin feel nourished, pampered and beautiful. "We continually look for ways to make our products better and better,” Dr Peter says.

So expect more from yours.

You are indeed worth it.

Here's 6 of my multitasking faves from Arbonne to invest in to ensure your skin looks good and feels even better:




This is truly a high-performance lengthening mascara for ultra-dramatic lashes whilst being Ophthalmologist-tested safe for such a sensitive area where so many people experience irritation (including me, pre this mascara). 

• Polypeptides contain skin-conditioning amino acids
• Pea and bamboo extracts condition lashes
• Panthenol, also known as pro-vitamin B5,conditions lashes to help them look soft and smooth





Transform your complexion to flawless, naturally beautiful skin with this silky-smooth, feather-light mineral powder foundation that conceals imperfections and provides buildable coverage. This “no makeup” feel formula also helps prevent moisture loss, creates a shine-free finish, and offers SPF 15 sun protection.  

• Linseed extract helps moisturize, restore suppleness, and control oily shine
• Rice lipids help hydrate skin and provide a healthy-looking glow
• Ribose helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and promotes skin’s natural radiance by delivering moisture





Arbonne weren't kidding when they coined this product 'the highlight of your day,' as it is multitasking in design and ingredient benefits to the skin. This dual ended, silky highlight stick accentuates and defines as it glides gently over foundation adding radiance without streaking. Blend ever so lightly with the fluffy end of the concealer brush if needed and you'll be all sorts of #litfromwithin.

• Sunflower seed oil delivers moisture for aconditioning effect and smoother-looking skin
• Grape seed extract, with antioxidant properties, helps contribute to a healthy-looking glow
• Sustainable shea butter, harvested with fair trade principles, delivers moisture





This luxuriously soft, dense brush tip holds powder in place without a mess and the dome-shaped bristles are ideal for applying loose powder evenly. But it's also perfect (I've found) as a liquid foundation blending brush for a natural, flawless look. If you have super dry skin, add a few drops of the Intelligence Facial Oil to your foundation on the back of your hand and the foundation will glide on oh so smoothly while still looking #truetoyou.

• Designed for use with Got You Covered Mineral Powder Foundation but works with Liquid Foundation too
• Dome-shaped bristles are ideal for even application of loose powders in general, including setting powder or loose highlighters
• 100% vegan and cruelty-free





"These shades were plucked from the sky to deliver a celestial glow as if your cheeks were kissed by the stars themselves." Sounds about right! At first glance I was a little underwhelmed by the colours of this palette but my mum always did remind me not to judge a book by it's cover - these powders are lush and look healthy and not muddy (?unmuddy?) on most skin types. These multi-use powders can be used to highlight, blush, bronze, or contour with an array of warm to cool pigments to sculpt and shape for that starlit glow. If I'm extra rushed, feeling extra lazy, or if I'm travelling, I also use these gorgeous colours as eye shadows. Saves time and dollars, because lets be real, most people in their lifetime are never going to completely use up 10 different shadow palettes that differ only vaguely from the last one. 😉 PS. If you're an existing fan of Arbonne this palette features three brand-new shades and guest stars a fan favorite Anniversary Bronzer. 




Hands down my favourite makeup brush right now...hence why I have 3! This dual-ended brush offers versatility with the flat, tapered tip providing concentrated coverage - great for precise application - while the larger brush end helps blend makeup and provides an airbrushed finish. It's the perfect brush to use with The Real Conceal Liquid Concealer for dark circles to blemishes, and was made as the ideal tool to help hide any imperfections. But that also applies to blending shadows, highlight and contour and anywhere else you want a seamless finish. And, like all Arbonne products, it too is vegan and cruelty-free. Now you can see why I stocked up. 😉


*This post is not sponsored by Arbonne, but yes, I am an Arbonne consultant very much in love with the products (and ethics, and culture, and company, and comp plan). If you've followed me for awhile you will know I started my Arbonne business for the money, then I fell in love with the products (bonus, being the product lover that I am!) and now it's even more about helping other people have skin, confidence, and lifestyle transformations too. I recommend a tonne of different products here on my blog and on my YouTube channel, but I just couldn't go past an all Arbonne swag for all you time poor, multipurpose loving guys and gals.

*The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, skin type, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like.


So tell me, what multitasking wonders do I need to get my hands on next and whyyyy?! 
Holla in the comments below, and here's to thoughtful designs everywhere!






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