My Goals for 2017

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Sharing and declaring!

My goals for 2017 are now in vision board, verbal and vision statement form...ready to be achieved.

I used to get way too hung up on goal setting and #goalgetting, constantly looking over my should to see how far I'd come and see how little time I had left to tick them of. They were all the 'right' things - specific, measurable, blah, blah, boring. And that worked for a few goals that HAD to be done, but stifled others and quite a few extracurricular opportunities along the way. I was locking myself in way too rigidly and not allowing the surprises of life to alter my course and provide me with the excitement I so craved.

So this year, I'm simply writing a wish-list, a dream list, and of course, still taking action towards bringing them to life, but with a dash of que sera sera. Because I absolutely believe the setting of goals is one of the most fun things to do each New Year if you just let yourself play with it a little.

You get to dream up how you want your life to be like in this whip around the sun. You get to use these dreams as a snapshot of who you were then and lovingly compare to where you are now. Insights into your thinking. Reminders of things once important and now perhaps not. Markers to map your milestones you've enjoyed that you didn't even think were part of the 'HOW' to make them happen.


So here's my list of fun and fruitful goals and dreams I'd love to come true and I'm putting my energy into in 2017:



  • Take better care of myself. I want to LOVE myself more, how I dress with a wardrobe that is unquiely 'me;' love how my hair looks; marvel at the strength and beauty of my body; and smile at my inner zen that reflects outwardly in my glowing skin and shining eyes, kind words and authentic actions. Self-love yo. It's been a long time evolving over the past few years, so this year will naturally see the culmination of all my learnings and love. A worthwhile goal I once oft dismissed.




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  • Travel more. This one is probably going to appear on every dream board forevermore and I'm adding to it every year as we work our way around the world and recon to revisit the places we fall in love with. Another cruise would be ace, maybe another sunny island hopping one during this busy year before we take on a big European tour in the next 5 years. Bali has been on the cards for a while and could be a relaxing reward for the achievement of the next goal goals. And well, the UK for a white Christmas could top the lot! Oh, and we are continuing to cross America as we have for the past 3 years in combination with an annual conference we attend. (UPDATE: Read all about our 2017 Trip here.)



  • Go National Vice President in my Arbonne business. This is the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and one that I'm most excited about, both in the journeying towards and the accomplishment of it. It's the next level promotion from where I am now in the company and a whole other level of success that will be super handy for my desire to blog as much as possible and start vlogging regularly on my YouTube channel next year. It essentially means I've helped more people to achieve their own goals by leveraging the social marketing system and tools that Arbonne provides, and yeah, it's kinda left-of-field for an artist, but therein lies the perfection of it. And I love it!
    *There are no guarantees. Results are different for everyone. Annual typical earning statement available at


12 IN 12

  • Read 12 books in 12 months. For real. This is actually a super fun goal for me as I love to learn and have invested thousands upon thousands over the past decade to expanding my skills and thinking. You'll be seeing the results of this in future blogs as I study the books on my list and help their lessons to stick around by sharing them with you guys. Bring on some sunny nooks and snuggle sessions for my 2017 reads. πŸ˜‰ PS. You can shop my current fave right books here.


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What's yours? How are you having fun with your goals this year?
Comment below and create the energy for your own #beautifulreallife.





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