#MyBeautifulRealLife Life Lessons :: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING

You remember these things... The times when you did something you never thought you'd do.
When you made a leap of faith and everyone thought you were a little crazy...
And you had a moment of thinking that you really were too.

You remember the hesitation, then the commitment.
The execution - which would normally be a blur - is slow-motion crystal clear because you had focus. You had the end scene in mind. The moment that you know you've achieved the big thing is shining in front of your eyes without even closing them.


And then you do it.

And it's so worth the effort, the focus, the decision.
And then you are your own proof...#youcandoanything

It's been three years since I dived out of a little plane 14,000 feet above Picton with such a massive smile on my face that my cheeks were flapping in the wind and my teeth were frozen.

I had ENVP2B written on my left hand and my stella star on the other.

A lot has happened in 3 years.

But my sense of adventure is heightened, my execution is consistent as ever, my smile is bigger, and my focus is even clearer. 

The end goal scene is Executive National Vice President in my Arbonne business and looks like a sunbed in Maui surrounded by my team mates who's lives have been dramatically positively changed forever.
They are smiling so big their cheeks are sore.
They breathe a deep breath of gratitude for the belief in themselves that got them there.
For overcoming their hesitations and digging deep into their commitment.
They remember every step of their consistent execution because they loved and learnt in every minute of it.
They feel free....and they resolve to offer that same feeling to all others who want it.

....and that is just the beginning of the things they know they will do. 
....and this is just the beginning of the things I know I can do. 

There's a hundred other goals - you guys know that I don't sit still for long -
but when one goal puts in motion the accomplishment of so many others, it has to be your focus. 


skydiving you can do anything mybeautifulreallife


Today - I dare you - JUMP ALL IN.

So what is your biggest goal right now? 
What has been left undone for fear of falling?
What HAS to be done so you can do all else?

Share how you're doing that in the comments below





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