What #MyBeautifulRealLife Really Means to Me

samantha clark my beautiful real life

At the end of 2016 and with a tonne of change in my life, I started using the hashtag #mybeautifulreallife to express everything I was feeling and believing. I was coming to realise it was quite OK to be a mixed bag of ideas and careers and feelings, and the phrase flowed to be a perfect fit for all of that.

Now #mybeautifulreallife has become almost a philosophy to live by, and here's why:



  • Loving life as it is, was, could be, can be, will be and being totally OK to be totally human. A human making human mistakes, sometimes dressing like a half-awake human, having feelings, being misunderstood, being wrong, being right but still walking away, and best of all - being a beautiful work in progress.
  • Loving myself sick in the best way possible. Allowing self-care and realising it is a necessity and not a selfish act like I previously thought. I learnt that giving away too much of myself to those that didn't appreciate it left nothing for those I love...and zero creativity. Part of that self-care includes taking the time to journal, draw, read and write and sit and think. And BE. It's the letting go of people and possessions and habits that no longer serve me. And its one of the most important for me to remember and practice.



  • Being both soft and strong and rising my wild woman within. Even just the idea being a woman has been a bit of a revelation for me. I used to hate my boobs and not want them, trying to hide them in school change rooms and at dancing. I used to be so embarrassed to be sexy, or even want to be sexy. I was told it was slutty, even before I knew what that word meant, and even before I'd had my first kiss. I then went through a (very long) stage of trying to dress less feminine than I wanted to because it seemed like I'd be tougher and cooler if I did. It started from feeling so crushed at been harshly teased for my ditzy-print long dress with burgundy lace up boots...because that made me not like the others, that made me weird. I'm ecstatic, that all these years later, being not like the others - being weird, sexy, feminine and funky - is just being me.



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samantha clark beautiful real life blog



  • Being cool with my inner child wanting love and attention and just wanting to play all day. So I play more. I create and mess for no reason in particular, with no restrictions and no holds barred. It's wonderful. It's freeing! And so fun!
  • Having goals and desires and honouring them with all the work ...the inner work and the daily doing. It's meeting those goals and celebrating them - celebrating every win without shame, or fear of what other people might think.
  • Embracing my sense of adventure and big sky thinking whilst blocking out naysayers, negative nellies and those who fear the brave in me, the daring in me, for doing so.
  • Bringing together all my loves and being delighted that they don't all fit neatly into one box. And this exact thought, combined with being young and hungry for all of life, ignited by ideas and excited by action, brought about hey-stella.com - my blog and my channel - having the time of my life sharing it all!


And finally....

  • Accepting the things I cannot change and improving the things that I can right now, knowing that happiness is contagious and love is a gift too. Knowing, through my striving with purpose, that I can be positively impacting people. That just by my going for it - all my 'its' - and smiling and crying and dealing and healing through it all, I my desire to do more will happen on so many levels. For the right people or person. For the right reasons. And at the right time.

And that is just beautiful as it is in all it's perfect imperfection.
That's #mybeautifulreallife.


samantha clark blog beautiful real life
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samantha clark starbombs blog
samantha clark blog beautiful real life




I would love to hear how you have resolved to love you and your life and
what phrase sums up where you are at right now.
Pop a comment below.






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