That's what my shirt says and I wear it often. I feel like everyone needs the reminder, not just me.

New to business? You will be realizing all kinds of stuff about people, laws, storytelling, YOURSELF. Every. Single. Day.

Fresh out of a relationship? Major realizing going on. What it was; who you now are and want to be...what your boundaries are and your heart is capable of.

A new parent? Holy freaking realizing about the magic and mayhem of creating and then raising a healthy balanced human. I've opted out of this one for fear of that enormity alone.

But, behind the pretty quotes reminding us we are all going through something, there are thousands of emotions, thoughts, and actions taken to keep us all keeping on.

I've shown you guys a few tears, but it's mostly all smiles and that ain't far from the truth. Because what I choose to focus on in my epiphanies is the sunny side. I choose to celebrate how far I've come from that disaster and disappointment 5mins ago, even if it's just up off the floor!

I've realised I thoroughly dislike and do not function optimally in a negative head space, wallowing in self pity, worry, or an unresolved disagreement. My body reflects my mind's upset, I feel ill and body parts start wobbling under the weight of the trauma.

I have to act, small as it sometimes may be, to feel better, do better, be better. I have to lean in, move, move through, move on and smile again. It's the survival of my spirit that demands it.

And I've also realised not everyone is like that and not everyone appreciates that. THAT has allowed me to realize my empathy has a limit and it's OK to not actually give a sh*t if anyone criticises my healing. It's mine, after all, and I've got big work to do.


I've got a calling on my life that requires me to be bigger than that...and imma gonna go fulfil it.
Realize THAT....and I hope you choose to smile sooner too.





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