A Reminder to EXPLORE More…

explore australian lifestyle blogger samantha clark waters

As we emerge from the strangest of times....
remember you are an X P L R in this world.

Get on the back of that motorbike.
Go somewhere different or somewhere you love but in a different way and at a different time.

Wear what you really feel like wearing regardless of it's appropriatness.... just this once (then do it again coz you liked it)!

Take a new route on your walk. Look around as you do.
Look up from the pavement. Smile at strangers.

Take a dance class for couples by yourself.
Go to a spirit circle and trust you're in safe hands even if you feel safer in your shell at first.

Have a deeper convo with a platonic friend than you've ever had before and see their human and show yours.
Call an old friend. Exchange numbers with a new one.

Go first, ask first, shake first, thank first.



Your joy in the journey is the life in your years.





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