Why It’s Sometimes Essential To Change Your Mind

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But what about something bigger like a role you've taken on, a way you've decided to do things, and the big excited announcement you've made, only to have a sense of buyers remorse, or idea remorse as the case may be.

"Why did I say yes to this?”
"This isn't what I thought it would be."
"This is not actually the best course of action and I now know what is."

It's totally OK. It actually is. You're still breathing and maybe *this had to happen this way.* Sometimes we only know when we go. It's like going for a walk in the rain, daring to jump in puddles and have fun with it, only to be upset that your socks got wet.

Be happy you had the vision enough to take a step forward, because now you know you can. Now you have the inside knowledge. Now you can equip yourself better. Now you can - YES YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN - change course. A little, or a lot!



If considering the option of staying in that idea and living it out every day for the next week, month or year gives you the heeby jeebies, and it's not just new job jitters, make the change out of the situation without delay.

Unless you've made a habit out of changing your mind your whole life, most people will respect your decision if you're completely honest with them. And that's if you need to tell anyone at all, or explain yourself to anyone. If you don't, well hi, decision made gf, go change in peace. YOU GOT THIS!

Rarely is a path perfectly straight. Rarely does a success story happen without a hiccup or two. Keep calm and ask yourself:
"Is this really the worst that can happen in my life?"
"Will this matter a year from now?"
"How committed to my happiness am I?"

Then do what you've gotta do. Make the call. Write the letter. Ask the question. Switch positions. Start again. Or stop and start something else altogether.


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It's OK to change your mind. Sometimes it's completely necessary and it would be a mistake not to.

We've been programmed to think changing your mind is flaky, irresponsible, looks bad on your character. And maybe, in certain siutations where you've given your word that one thing would remain one way forever, that's the case.

But too often we avoid acting on our already changed heart and play out our lives in situations that just aren't working for us. It can be a waste of time, money and the precious resource that is your own motivation.



We recently went on a cruise. The plan was to go on another in the Caribbean when we go to US again in a few weeks time. But no. Although it sounds lovely, we'd rather not go on another cruise so soon, we actually want a bit more adventure. We changed our mind once we sat down to start organsing it.

Not such a big change of mind, but the fear of what those people we told about the Caribbean will think did cross my mind. How ridiculous is that! We're going overseas - that in itself is still freaking awesome! A little perspective goes a long way to helping you not sweat the small stuff and to just do what you want. Besides, the thought was only fleeting because our new itinerary is chocked full of the adventure we are seeking.

And no doubt, whatever small fry change you want to make will turn out brilliantly too! SO MAKE IT.


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Being honest with yourself is key. Instincts are real and a useful compass that when finely tuned into, will guide you exactly where you need to go. And sometimes we need to go on little detours just to highlight what we really want. Thank the situation for clarifying your desire and move forward in the now very evident right direction.

And PS. on this point, sometimes other people aren't honest with you for fear your heart and mind is so set on the idea you've proclaimed. But they'll more readily come forward to inform you they knew all along and this change is a smart move.

Exactly why we shouldn't base our life's decisions on the thoughts of others. You know your truth and you call the shots. Coz that's the kinda queen you are. Queen of your goddamn life. IT'S MORE THAN OK.



The expression 'pull the band-aid off fast,' often gets tossed around on this topic, but it doesn't have to be a painful experience at all. Contrastly, its often a lot easier than you perhaps have mulled it in your mind to be. And that's great news for taking action.

It can be simple. It can be quick. It can a pleasure

If you approach it with the certainty that you feel, anyone else involved really has no other choice but to accept that. Your resolve with your decision will protect you from any shade they want to throw on you for it. Let them be upset if they need to be, you can leave them with the positive that something or someone better is on their way. But do not let them sway you beyond what you are comfortable and decided about. No-one knows you, your life and direction for it better than you.

At the end of the day, isn't it wisest to take advice from those who have been where you are going, have what you want, and who are the type of people you aspire to be? I think so...



We are learning so much and growing our self-awareness every day. We solidfy our goals and clarify our vision with each step - right or wrong, big or small. Let your expectations for yourself (and others) become more flexible with this acknowledgement. Life is moment by moment, so by being IN each one fully, we are naturally moved to the next with less weight of the past or anxiety about the future. It's in this that we accept that sometimes it is essential to change our minds.

So whatever you're holding onto, swimming, or drowning in today that simply is not serving your highest desire for your life, move on - change - let the decision become an action and close that door so you can spot the new one opening.

And while you're at it, evaluate every other major area of your life to feel if your current motion still fits for you. Love, health, work, friendships, leadership methods, travel plans, or even as simple as the book you're reading. Leaving it unfinished is not going to kill you (... but that's a whole other post my friends).

Cheers to your mind changing and action taking.
Seek the best fit.
Enjoy the ride...
or get off and take a different route.





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