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Every single day, week, month and year in your life offers the chance for brand new adventures and experiences. However it's not that often that we take up these chances to grow and develop as a person and experience all that life has to offer.

Sometimes if you find yourself stuck in a rut, the only thing that can make things better is a dramatic change in your life. This could be leaving your old job to find a new one, ending a toxic relationship, or moving somewhere new.

If you are thinking about packing up and starting fresh somewhere else this year, there are many things to consider. You need to make sure that you are totally ready for the changes which will come your way and ready to embrace the new challenges you may face.
If you do feel ready to get on board and make a change, read on…


1. Can you see yourself there?

When you have done some research into possible destinations and you’ve narrowed down the list, you need to ask yourself some questions. Take a look at the different options you have and think whether you can see yourself making a life there. Will you be able to get a great job in your field? Find the perfect partner and raise your children? Is this somewhere you can see yourself spending the rest of your life?

If you currently live in a cold country and want to move to a warm one, you might not realise the dramatic change this will mean for the way you live your life. Living in a warmer country means that you likely won’t have a white Christmas, you will certainly not need all of those heavy coats, and you'll have some acclimatising to do.

Imagine the things that make you happy about where you are now and decide whether or not you can live without them. If you can, head on to the next step...


2. Are you moving for the right reasons?  

The decision to suddenly pack up everything you own and move somewhere new is a big one, and it needs to come from the right place. You need to be moving because you want to move, and not for any other reason than that. If your excuse is to make your other half happy, or to have a better chance at getting a career, are these really good enough reasons? Your happiness is the most important thing and it can be easy to get caught up in a daydream without truly considering it. Sit without yourself and seriously ask what kind of life would truly make you happy. What needs to be included to have you commit to the idea or place? Are you willing to compromise?And what would make you miserable? Be honest with yourself. Only then can you be honest with someone else and find what fits.


3. What's keeping you here?

Asses your lifestyle at the moment. What is it about this place in particular that makes you want to stay. If you have family and friends here you may be more reluctant to move on, however, you know can’t stop yourself because of other people. Make a miss list and a wish list. Remember the reasons you want to leave and what you will find when you do. This will give you the confidence to get away from the life you know and go out there to something new. 

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” 
― Nora Ephron


4. Is it what you need?

Another consideration is your own career, health and personal needs. If a medical condition prevents you, for example,  from living in certain climate or from walking long distances and that's the only transportation option in the potential new locale, how smart is it to go? Do your due diligence and check you can afford to rent or buy a residence there; if you'll have internet access to continue running your online venture or complete your studies; and if there's access to everything you need to survive and thrive. Is this what you need to make yourself happy and allow yourself to be who you want to be?


5. Are You Ready?

Before you call furniture removalists or book a flight across the world, you have to make sure you are physically and emotionally ready for this change of your life. Is this something which you are ready to leap into without any regrets or loose ends? If you still have things you would like to sort out at home make sure that you get everything ready before you set off. When you do finally set off for your new life somewhere else, you must leave with no regrets and no second thoughts. Be sure of your decision and make sure that you are excited about this next chapter in your life. If you still have hang ups, wait for a month or so and see how you feel about the whole thing. Don’t force yourself to change if you aren’t ready.


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Are you on the move? Where to and why?
As someone who wants to live all over the world, this topic and your stories fascinate me. 
Drop a comment below.





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