3 Surprising Tips To Shine At The Next Christmas Party

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With barely a month left before Christmas, the invites to work and friends’ Christmas parties begin. Celebrations are so popular during the festive season that most people keep an eye on the Black Friday deals to secure their party outfit. This year offers a rich palette of sequined dresses, velvet suits, and gorgeous prairie dresses, ticking all the boxes of the perfect party-goer. But, with the fashion on point, what can be said about your actual ability to shine at the party?! Whether it's a winter or summer holiday for you, both seasons and the festivities themselves can take a toll on your skin. If you’re thinking a cute woollen beanie and some colourful makeup can solve the issues, you’re half right. The other half of looking your best at the next Christmas party is preparing your body right now. Here are some surprising ways to shine that you might not have considered yet:

 “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”
―Edna Ferber


Give your immune system a healthy boost

You know what looks so not cute in party pictures...? Eyes shining with fever and a nose red and irritated by the constant blowing! Unfortunately, avoiding a cold with the change of seasons can be a tricky business, however, you can take the necessary precautions to stay healthy. Boosting your immune system with a multivitamins and minerals and activated probiotics supplements can go a long way in improving your look for the Christmas party. After all, nothing looks more attractive than being healthy. At a time when everybody is wants to look and feel amazing but tends to overdo it, being the one lit from within will get you noticed!


Keep your youthful and smooth glow

Did you know that most people are likely to look tired and a little older during the winter? Indeed, the heated indoor air combined with the cold weather can dry out your skin. Unfortunately, when your skin loses its moisture, it has a direct effect on the elasticity and firmness of your contours. In short, you’re most likely to develop wrinkles and fine lines in winter. Similarly, dark spots, sunburn and dry hair can also have an aging effect in summer. You can, however, prepare your skin and keep it smooth with a dedicated skincare routine. A collagen cure can give you the boost you need to lock moisture inside your skin cells. Additionally, it’s a good idea to use seasonal products to address the hydrating needs of your skin in each. Finally, if you’re worried about the lack of air humidity at home, a simple room humidifier can dramatically improve your indoor air. 


All eyes on you

The Christmas season is busy with friends, family and colleagues reunions. It’s fair to say that you’ll be out and about almost every day if you accept every invite. In other words, it’s going to be tiring. Sure, caffine and some great concealer action can save appearances. But if you want to impress, invest in some eyelash extensions that are going to keep your peepers popping, even when you’re absolutely exhausted. There’s no better look than a bright-eyed you!

Are you ready to outshine other guests during the Christmas party season?
Looking sharp, fresh and healthy are your best features to complement your sparkly party outfit.
And remember, the best holiday spirit is your smile, so enjoy yourself and spread that cheer. 





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