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So you have put your house up on the market for sale and you’re not having any luck with shifting the sale. Are you selling the homes strengths? Are you keeping it tidy? Perhaps you need to take a walk in the buyers shoes.

When people walk into a house, they want to see something that they feel they could live in, homely, clean, and above all, have a sense of "this is it!" Consider that cold or un-cared for elements may make someone feel as if it isn’t the perfect home for them. But there are some ways that you can change up your house to make it feel a little more inviting for buyers and make that sale happen!



Look at your flooring! Believe it or not, flooring of any description creates a certain vibe in a home. Carpet often makes a home feel warm and cosy, where as a wooden floor makes your home feel modern, resilient and clean.

It is definitely down to preference, but if your carpets are faded and wearing in parts, this won’t look great to a prospective buyer. If you have wooden floors and they look too bare, then adding a rug could really help soften the space, warm it up and bring the balance of decor together. You can always seek advice about what will work best for you home, and visit a flooring consultant at Carpet One.


“Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they’re interested in buying it. Get out of your car, walk in their shoes and see what they see within the first eight seconds.”
-Barbara Corcoran



Keep the place homely - don’t avoid showing how liveable your house is and the lifestyle you enjoy there. Putting photos out and making it look lived in (but not messy) can really help buyers envisage how their home may look if they are living in it. Magazines on the table, a cosy throw for the couch and food jars out in the kitchen make it feel like a welcoming sanctuary. Similarly, don’t avoid decorating for festivities either - if it’s Christmas time, then highlight the fact that your home can look gorgeous at Christmas, it’s important for them to see and feel the value your home has to offer them comfort-wise.



Utilize your garden - if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, be sure to highlight that fact when you’re selling. Get some garden furniture such as rattan furniture which can look chic and elegant, add fairy lights and colourful flowers and shrubbery, bring the outdoors inside so it feels like it is part of the house. Afterall, your garden is an extension of your home and keeping it attractive is important as you never know if it will be one of the biggest selling points for someone.



As humans, we are easily seduced by a beautiful aroma, so keeping your home smelling lovely in every room is going to entice your buyer. A nice scent for a candle or oil burner, plugin or reed diffuser will make your home feel very clean and fresh (as well as cosy where you want it) and it will subtly help viewers to fall in love with it even quicker.

So if it’s time for you to say goodbye to your house,
try following some simple steps and find your home the new owners it deserves!

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