What I’ve Learnt About Goal Setting & Goal Getting

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If you're anything like me, you've been personally developing and setting goals for years, determined to 'get ahead' and 'be successful'.... whatever that really means! You set new years resolutions and big goals to achieve throughout the year. You set a goal to earn a certain amount by your birthday, feel a certain way by summer, even read a certain number of books by next month. There's goals to do before the weekend, before lunch and to 'make sure' you do every single goddamn morning.

But as amazing as it is to be such an accomplished list maker and deadline creator, I've come to realise that less really can be more when it comes to setting worthwhile goals and actually getting them.

So in saying that, here's a few simple keys I've learnt as a life-long #goaly to set them and get them with more success and less stress, self-sabotage and stalling:



Go deep into the why and into picturing how the goal looks and feels to help it stick in your soul!

  • Ask yourself why you really want the goal in the first place. And does that really matter? And when you get that answer, ask "why?" And when you get that answer, ask "why?" And so on until you hit something that hits you deep enough to have you launching out of bed with desire and determination every single day.
  • Clarity is key. Brainstorm, map, plan, forecast and then be open to the inevitable growth!
  • If it's too unrealistic and you're so not committed to the scary work, it might always stay insurmountable. Break it down into bite size chunks and you'll more likely make a real go of it without lowering the bar to a goal that doesn't challenge you enough! Keep the bar high and the bites addictively small.


"We will always do more to achieve things that are deeply meaningful to us. When those meanings involve things like family, freedom, security, country and love, we'll go out of our way to see things through. We won't throw in that proverbial towel and give up after we hit a few stumbling blocks or fail repeatedly."
- R.L. Adams



The short term goals all add up to a long term goal, so enjoy the journey on the way by identifying the short and making a habits of reaching them in consistent hits like every day or every week. They are the habits that compound into greatness. And keep your head in the game. Stay focused on you and your journey without killing productivity by comparison disguised as 'inspiration!'

  • Be stubborn on the goal and flexible on the journey.
  • You can always start again. Be willing to start again. Be real with yourself that trying again is not failing, but rather, still on the way.


“Isn't it time to stop wishing, complaining, making excuses and pointing finger? Your destiny calls for you to give your dream the actions that it desperately needs. Dig deep to discover your hidden abilities and strength to always persevere.” 
― Edmond Mbiaka



It's cool to keep raising the bar on your goals, and often it's a natural occurrence as momentum picks up, just be sure to fully acknowledge (deeply) each new level. This will likely keep you fulfilled enough and hungry enough to enjoy the process with perspective and not loose your mind along the way! Lowering the bar shouldn't be an option if you've GONE DEEP and GONE LONG btw, so every piece plays an important part.

  • Celebrate every little win with positive vibes and visualisation.
  • Set halfway milestones and reward meeting them with something that makes you feel closer to the amazing feeling you know you will feel when you've finished achieving it. Bask in the amazing feels and use it to continue visualising the final accomplishment of it.


“The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and miss it,
but that it is too low and we reach it."
– Michelangelo

What are your goals for 2019?
Share them below and let's cheer each other on!





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  1. Stacey Heinz
    February 21, 2019 / 17:31

    So glad I stumbled upon this article. I am a goal setter and a list maker but sometimes I forget to celebrate those little milestones that eventually get us to where we want to go.

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