You Are Your Own Guru & It’s Time You Got Excited About That!

You are your own guru.
Do what makes you happy.
No really, follow that thread and you'll find your success.

Your body, your rules. Cut ties with anything or anyone that suggests otherwise.
Express yourself in how you dress yourself.

Write your own story. Pick up the pen coz this year is now.
Belong to yourself first. Hug her.

Learn to love your laugh.
And your smile.
Use both more often.

Nourish you. Life's too short to not eat bright, alive, exciting food.
Make the best decisions for you whilst keeping your heart open with compassion and joy.
Meet yourself in dance. Dance more.

Check your ego at your own door often.
Dust yourself off and try again and wear sunscreen. All the cool kids say so.

You are not your history, your family, or what that one teacher said you'd amount to.

You're changing every day.
You'll know when it's time to reinvent yourself.
You can fly, so fly like a MF.

Get down and really talk to dog you like eye to eye. Hug it. Don't worry about the fluff.
Find ways to make even the mundane feel marvelous. That is the secret behind the Secret.
Cartwheel. It's a seriously good stretch.

Love. And love. And love some more.
Oh, and don't take my word for it, you are your own guru afterall. 😉





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