Poetry from a Karmic Heart

Friends, it's been a minute.

What a year it has been for the world, for our hearts and souls and minds and bodies. For connection, healing, coping, awakening. I truly hope you are seeing some sunshine out of this global darkness wherever you are in the world. Turn your face to the warmth and drink it in for nourishment, rejuvenation, and *sigh* claiming some peace.

Personally, it's been an intense time of transformation from which much was born (things look a bit different around here huh, you like?!). Apart from the newly stocked online store, including a surprise sex deck (say what now, where did that come from?!), there's also been an outpouring of heavy, heavy feels. And you know that translates into poetry and pretty messy things from me.

“Excuse the mess, but we live here.”
― Roseanne Barr


In short - in case you can find comfort in relating - I left a long term relationship and got my heart broken several times in the setting free and becoming me process. I kinda don't give a damn if my choices or indeed my words make no sense to some - they matter to me, and I know they'll mean something to some other darlingheart out there in their fog. THAT'S why we create after all right, to heal and be healed, to help and hope, to release into the wild the person you were at that very moment in time making the decisions that seemed like a good idea in that reality. Allowing. No matter how ugly.

These moments where these words were born were extra ick. Like when you know you're neglecting every single thing that makes you happy. When you're brainwashed and broken whilst IN it! That kinda ick. That karmic heartache. That really fucking bad idea. But, at least it was swift...unlike the next one...which is a whole other post my loves.

So I pray you find your way today. I pray you choose you. Again and again and again. And let's keep praying for humanity with less judgment, deeper understanding, and higher love.




I'm grateful for every shitty lesson, reminder, divine detour, and soul that shares any kind of moment with me.
I might need to hermit for a year and 7 days between posts, but hey, I'll always realign to my true north.

And so will you.




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