SPIRITED | Death Valley Travel Vlog

DEATH VALLEY IS POETRY IN MOTION and on our recent trip to the states we were captivated by it's alien beauty, searing heat, stunning sunsets and strangeness. I captured this footage and was inspired to write these words to remember it's spirit and the adventures we had there. 


death valley poetry in motion national park travel vlog devils golfcourse

Devils Golf Course, Badwater Road, Death Valley NP

A valley of contrasts, both me and that land.

A desert of abundant life they call Death.

Minuscule crevices and mile long craters.

Rock and sand and an oasis.

Mother Nature's art meets contemporary art, creepy forms, memory and so much unsaid.

A hot stillness around stirred non-sleepers.

Perfectly timed sunsets glint in your perfectly timed glance and touch of the hand.

We stand, grounded but buoyed.

Absolutely unalone in a valley of a million voices.


Footage from Furnace Creek, Artist's Palette, Rhyolite & more






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