Amethyst “Spirit + Strength” Crystal Bracelet


CONNECT WITH… meditativeness, spiritual richness, expansion, divinity, calm immunity and good health, other realms, the third-eye chakra, intuitive action, comfort from grief, patient awareness, nobility and luxury, and focused motivating energies.


  • arouses deep metaphysical perception and psychic abilities, making it an ideal crystal for meditation and ritual
  • aids in stimulating inner peace and positive transformative healing of mind, body and soul
  • allows for balanced communication with its high frequency purifying aura of any negative energy, blockages or attachments
  • strengthens ones higher creative consciousness, imagination and passion, assimilating thought with aligned action for focus and success

Each piece is cleansed with loving intention and arrives in a beautiful velvet pouch . All crystals are unique and may differ slightly in shape or colour to those pictured.

In stock

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