Clear Quartz “Clarity + Confirmation” Crystal Bracelet


AMPLIFY… mental clarity, resourcefulness, peace, mindfulness, openness, spiritual sight, lightness, reflection, spiritual balance, awareness, direct manifestation, and high vibrational healing energies.


  • cleanses the mind, body, soul and space of low vibrational frequencies and attunes to a clearer, harmonious state
  • aids in stimulating mental clarity for insightful decision making and perspective shifts aligned to your values and greater vision for your life
  • allows for surrendered expansion of all chakra points, especially the crown chakra, connecting you to universal flow, divine source, and the mystical world
  • may influence detoxification of psychic debris, refreshing one’s trust in the beautifully delicate vulnerability of life. Also to restore and amplify other crystals

Each piece is cleansed with loving intention and arrives in a beautiful velvet pouch . All crystals are unique and may differ slightly in shape or colour to those pictured.

In stock

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