Hypnotic Holographic Abundance Affirmation Mirror Sticker


50cm curved holographic mirror affirmation sticker


Magenta | Violet | Crimson

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  1. Clean the surface of mirror with dust free dry cloth and note where you’d like to position the sticker.
  2. On a flat hard surface turn the sticker over and remove the white backing paper starting from a corner and pulling firm and parallel (almost at a 180 degree angle from the clear tape). This angle will help to separate the white paper from the clear whilst leaving the letters on the clear side. Gently press the letters down onto the clear side as you go, if needed. Otherwise your other hand is holding the clear corners firm. Slow and steady and lots of patience with this step, especially if you’re working with a longer sticker.
  3. Once the white backing is completely removed hover your design where you would like it to go and press it down onto the mirror from the middle of the design first, smoothing the design outwards and pressing down on each letter as you go. Make sure to stick it down only when you have it exactly where you want it because it will really hold once you press down.
  4. Once stuck down, rub a plastic card (e.g. credit card) over the clear backing to push the letters down gently on the mirror, just enough so that the letters are stuck onto the glass.
  5. The final step: peel the clear transfer off, making sure that none of the design peels up with it. If any letters have little bumps, gently smooth over with your finger or the card. Voila…now take that empowered selfie with your sticker in it’s full glory! And remember not to clean it with anything abrasive!



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