Rose Quartz Crystal Points | Small


These pale pink tapering Rose Quartz generators form an elegant point that can be used in healing practices, magic manifestations, or as towers of blushingly beautiful spiritual decor.

HEAL… self love, romantic love, emotional wounds, mental fog, generational trauma, energy flow, self worth, heart chakra restoration, sibling connection, loving communication, friendships, and your love story.


  • invokes compassion for others and oneself with tenderness, softness, and a surrounding comfort and lightness resembling a spiritual hug from the Universe
  • unblocks co-dependence, mistrust, jealousy and unworthiness in the heart chakra to soothe heartache caused by deep emotional pain
  • directs loving manifestations towards others and oneself with goddess energy and grace
  • influences vibration to uplift the feminine strengths of mothering, essentially enabling healing by ones own hand

In stock



1 x MEDIUM ROSE QUARTZ POINT, pieces range between 9 – 11cm 

  • Crystals are formed by nature, hence the perfect imperfections of each piece.
  • Generator crystals are usually shaped with a large point and six equal sides meeting at the point. They  are considered a powerhouse to recharging other crystals and directing focused energy.
  • While there’s no scientific evidence that crystals offer any health benefits, they’re commonly used for healing purposes.
  • In healing with crystal points: pointed away, they are said to draw energy away the body; pointed inward, they channel energy towards you.
  • Each crystal is cleansed with loving intention and arrives to you wrapped securely with care.


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