Sodalite “Self + Soul” Crystal Bracelet


BALANCE… emotions, logic, perception, self-acceptance, third eye and throat chakras, peace, self-esteem, self-trust, metabolism, healthy immunity, insomnia, and clearing electromagnetic smog from everyday devices.


  • encourages rational thought and clarity of mental perspective
  • aids sleep through calming racing thoughts, leveling and flowing into a peaceful enlightened state
  • allows for rebalancing and healing of emotions when one battles between the contrasts of head and heart or light and dark
  • excellent meditation crystal for improving personal power, efficiency in the every day, divination and one’s psychic abilities

Each piece is cleansed with loving intention and arrives in a beautiful velvet pouch. While there’s no scientific evidence that crystals offer any health benefits, they’re commonly used for healing purposes. All crystals are unique and may differ slightly in shape or colour to those pictured.

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