The Desire Deck Sexual Game Oracle



Intentionally intuitive messages for you to enact however you desire. Lift the lid on lust to fulfil a fantasy, ignite ecstasy, explore new possibilities, manifest with shakti magick, and celebrate the power of your sexual self.

Small but mighty, these cards can prompt your inspiration for self love, partner love, group love, party games, private games, or for messages divined in a tarot or oracle card reading.

They are designed for use by individuals on a spiritual awakening or kundalini journey, intuitives and psychics, healers, therapists, coaches, sex educators, relationship counsellors, adult industry workers, and more.Β 

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  • The Desire Deck is for anyone wanting to add creative juiciness and subtle spice to a situation where the only limit is that of their imagination.
  • It is recommended to sit with an intention for answers, guidance, or experience and the desired level of excitement for such an event before shuffling and pulling a card.
  • You can choose a card in many different ways: by splaying the cards out across a table or flat surface and intuitively picking one or more; by shuffling until your desired number of cards pop out naturally; by shuffling and taking the first card on top of the deck; or any other way you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Interpretation of the cards is left largely up to the user. Although intentionally subtle, these cards were designed with the spaciousness to be read through the word choice used, word placement and style, the card colours, and all the feelings these elements in collaboration invoke.
  • Reading ‘reversals’ of the cards can provide additional levels of fantastical enactment or divine guidance.
  • Please do note that although no adult imagery is used the connotations of the words and themes requires discernment of age appropriateness for use and gifting.


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