7 Things You Mustn’t Forget To Do Before You Go On Vacation

The day before you leave for vacation is one of the most exciting moments. The whole build up and anticipation of travelling somewhere new gives you a rocket of adrenaline through you. While it’s a moment of excitement, it’s also something that causes people to forget what they should be bringing with them.

The eve of a vacation is one that can be filled with stress that can be avoided. Rushing around in a panic to get ready for boarding that flight the next day isn’t fun, but with a little organisation you can be ready to go on time and with everything accounted for. So, what do you need to remember before you head on the break you’ve been waiting for for months?



It doesn’t matter where you’re going there'll be some kind of documentation needed. Do you need your passports, visas and accommodation confirmation printouts or safely stored and readily available on your phone? Don’t forget boarding passes, travel passes and even the document confirmations for that boat hire or safari tour that you booked. It's worth the fuss to print and double and triple check early rather that than forgetting something that could potentially stop the trip before it's even started!


Credit Card

It’s something everyone forgets to do but alerting your credit card company to your travel plans is important. This ensure that your card doesn’t get cancelled when you try to use it in another country, with your credit card company thinking fraud! Make the call.



Before you go, call your accommodation and confirm you will be arriving at the time you stated previously, or ask for early check-in or bag drop if you need it. Most places are so helpful when you let them know in advance and speak to them respectfully. Double check all your bookings for days out and food as well as your flights. (I used to leave a lot up to 'the flow' and 'see how we go' but after a few experiences of been stranded, Ben has taken over and is so good at confirming everything that now we rarely have problems and make the most of our precious adventure time!)



The world keeps turning while you’re away, so make sure you’re paid up with all your bills, rent and utilities. Or if you're going away for a long period of time, see if you can get some of your services paused or switched off completely. You might even get a better 'switch n' rate for some things when you come back! You'll thank me when you don’t need to come home to chasing letters from companies you forgot to pay in the excitement of your upcoming break.


Isn't it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation?
- Zig Ziglar



Don't be a wasteful wally, plan your meals in the lead up to run down your refrigerator. It's also the perfect time to do a fridge clean-out and check the dates and bin the items that go out of date while you’re away. You don’t want to come home to rotten food in the house and even more cleaning!



Leave your travel plans with a friend or family member before you go. This way, they can get hold of you wherever you are in case of an emergency. If you have others who have your travel plans along with the contact information of your hotel, you’ve got a backup, just in case. We also use Facebook Messenger or What's App to keep in touch with that friend or family member, so they know we're on track with our itinerary. If you get an overseas SIM it's also smart to send them that phone number just in case of emergency. 



This one you might not have thought of: get the garden furniture and outdoor bins locked away while you’re out of the country. The last thing that you need is to have the things you’ve bought for outside the home robbed while you’re busy travelling around and enjoying yourself. In fact, if you've been looking for a good reason to get security lights, cameras and an alarm installed in your home, now's the perfect time!


Going on vacation is exciting but there is so much more to think about than what outfits you want to wear while you’re away.
Get organised early enough and you won’t have a long list of things to do at the last minute.
Start organising in the months leading up to your exit date and you’ll be in holiday mode in no time.
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  1. deborah
    February 22, 2019 / 07:57

    thanks for the checklist! Saves me the headache of making one before we head to California next month.

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