Essential Tips To Stay Healthy While Travelling


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Travel might be medicine for the soul, but it isn’t always glamorous. Anyone who’s ever caught the wanderlust bug knows that adventures come with bumps in the road. Many people travel, not just to experience the world, but to escape the stresses of life and unwind. The trouble is, breaks away are far too often used to overindulge too. While always wonderful, travel can be detrimental to our health and sometimes our safety. With that in mind, here are six tips you must know to stay healthy while travelling.


1. Pack First Aid Supplies

A heavy suitcase can make a relaxing break away quite difficult. However, that doesn’t mean that you should leave everything but clothes at home. First aid supplies are essential for any type of trip. Even the best-laid plans could leave you sick or injured. Having these supplies will make all the difference if you can’t find medical help right away. Make sure you pack vital medications too.


2. Make Sleep A Priority

After carrying heavy luggage, walking for hours, and crossing time zones, you will surely feel exhausted. Although travelling is a refreshing experience, it takes a physical toll too. For this reason, you must make plans to get plenty of rest. Many people struggle to sleep in hotels, even frequent travellers. If you’re among them, it can help to bring earplugs, eye masks for complete darkness and other home comforts such a essential oils and herbal teas.


3. Explore Destinations On Foot

Exploring a new destination is an incredibly active experience. Walking throughout the city, rather than taking public transport certainly counts as exercise. Other physically active activities, like the water sports on the Great Barrier Reef tours on this website, benefit you just as much. By incorporating physical activity into your itinerary wherever possible, you give yourself a workout without it ever feeling like work.

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”
– David Hockney


4. Limit Any Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is the ultimate empty calorie. Even when you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t allow yourself to drink too much. Not only could it result in weight gain, but alcohol creates dangerous situations too, especially in unknown locations with strangers! When under the influence, your inhibitions are lowered, which means you’re more likely to push your own limits. Rather than drinking to excess, you should replace the wine with water.


5. Spend Time By Yourself

Although solo travel has many advantages, most people prefer to go away with loved ones. Regardless, spending time by yourself can help you relax into holiday mode and enjoy and absorb your surroundings. Having to be social every minute of the day is exhausting. Unless you spend some time alone, you could burn out, which would ruin your trip. Taking an hour to yourself now and then will give you plenty of time to recharge your batteries.


6. Invest In Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must for any vacation. Going away might be expensive, but you shouldn’t eliminate this cost from your budget. Many people don’t realise the countless benefits of having travel insurance. Along with protecting your luggage, travel insurance will protect your health. Without travel insurance, you could be left with a big medical bill that you have no way of paying. If you have a trip booked now, stop and book that insurance right now! #thankmelater

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