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It’s a new year, which as well as marking the change of the calendar, also marks the period when we are in the most committed 'self-improvement' period. But what if instead of making grand sweeping announcements to become someone we are not, that we instead focus on meaningful of improvements to who we are and where we are already headed. Below, let's take a look at a five wellness resolutions that do require a little work, but are well worth keeping for their ongoing life-loving benefits.

“For a change, don't add new things in your life as a new year's resolution. Instead, do more of what's already working for you and stop doing things that are a time-waste.” 
― Salil Jha


1. Swap & Schedule Food & Movement

January is as good time as any to look at our lifestyle and see what aspects of it are having a negative impact on our health. Especially after what might have been another year of the Christmas 'silly-season' binge-guilt-binge a little more cycle. It doesn't have to be like that, and with people catching on to the idea that you can still have fun without making yourself sick, there's a new level of respect for you to buck that trend.

Limiting vices or rather, swapping them out for healthier alternatives gives you a better chance to keep your diet clean, lean and green as much as possible, and so it becomes a lifestyle rather than a once and done or yo-yo kinda gig. Embrace learning new and exciting recipes or places to shop, finding the best raw dark chocolate or acai bowl ever. Make a pact with friends with the same goals and instead of meeting for wines, meet for walk and talks or cooking classes.

The reason why people join a gym at the beginning of the year but then stop going after a couple of visits is because they've failed to see the benefits. Even if you've only gone twice, they're still there!

Allow yourself to be a beginner at any exercise you wish to pursue
and to feel encouraged by the feeling of going, doing and all the after effects,
whether you see them right away or not.

Schedule your exercise times and keep it fun if that's what keeps you doing it! By the end of the month, you’ll start to see (let alone feel) the effects of your efforts, and then put no end date ever on keeping your body in movement. Know that this part of your routine is developing and you're simply doing what feels best!


2. Get A Full Body Health Check-Up

This year, make the adulting appointments you've been putting off and go and get everything checked! Blood tests for heart health, x-rays for that bad back you've had forever, fitness and BMI tests, allergy tests, poop tests, pap-smears, breast checks, dental checks, brain health, skin health, massages and more. Use a charcoal teeth whitener, a pedometer or fit watch, track your cycle, observe changes, see a natuorpath, a counsellor, doctor, or physio and commit to your wellness as a whole. Then follow-through on recommendations given, follow-up even when other's haven't, and reschedule your next visit in 3 months, 12 months or 5 years time. Do what's needed to support every other goal you'll ever set in your life by doing what's needed to stay optimally alive! And do it with a sense of gratitude, because trust me, you'll learn so much about yourself and you'll forever set your goals differently.


3. Switch to Cleaner Beauty

If you've been living in denial about unnecessary and toxic fillers and poisons in your beauty routine it's only to get harder to ignore as it becomes a bigger trend - and in some cases - the law. Decide to do a drawer detox and toss out of date products, use up half-empty bottles, and be enthusiastic about finding cleaner, safer skincare, hair care, body care and makeup alternatives to your favourites. They exist and they're better than you think. Oh, and wash your brushes, girl!

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4. Stand Tall & Own Your Space

Perception is everything. If you walk down the street like you’re a nobody, then that’s how you’ll be received. Stand tall and proud, and smile, and you’ll feel more confident and less distracted by your own insecurities. Make it a habit by 'zipping yourself up' from your toes to your head or anchoring power feelings and power poses with the click of your fingers before you walk out the door. Keep your core strong by sitting on a fit ball at your desk or taking Pilates or barre classes and intentionally practice owning your own space with grace in every scenario. If you turn a few heads and get a few admiring glances, just know that you are seen in this world rather than assuming critical judgement. Everyone is judging everyone but that's none of your business. Let your thoughts only entertain good, your body assume poise, ease, sassiness or sexiness, and your energy reflect the warmth and vibrancy of who you intrinsically are. 


5. Invest in Your Self Development

Finally, remember that there’s no substitute for a positive attitude! It’s something that people are naturally attracted to. Be a force of good vibes, and your spirit will elevate how people view you - and how you view yourself. Work on your personal arsenal of tools to cope, grow through challenges, handle emotions, be out of balance at times, as well as be humbly successful at achieving all of your wildest dreams. Invest quiet time often to become self-aware, strengthening your resilience and bounce-back-ability to become a robust whole human happy in oneself. Use personal development books, courses, like-minded tribes and affirmations to stay well, avoid comparison and sustainably keep and meet all your worthwhile goals and resolutions.


How are you resolving to be well from this moment forward?
And share how you're keeping them in the comments below.
Here's to your whole health and lasting goals!





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