Haircare Tips For Luscious Locks

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Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world.

If there is one thing that almost every girl out there wishes for, it has to be luscious locks. If you're the same, I’m sure you're trying every trick in the book to get max amount of good hair days. Getting the balance just right can take a bit of work, though: too often, too limp, dry ends, split ends, too much product, not enough product! So, just what is the secret to hair that looks good enough to walk down a catwalk? Here are some great hair care tips that can help you channel Lady Lovely Locks in no time.


Invest In A Good Hairdresser

It seems so obvious, but it can be an easy to make the hairdresser a non-priority when you're busy and just throw your hair in a topknot and handle it...for six months straight! Visiting professional hair salons that offer a wide range of hair care services and offer a complete style cut and blow dry are worth finding. Always look for trained stylists and colourists who listen to your needs and are be able to give you expert advice that can be adapted to your exact type of hair, face shape, features, style and lifestyle. 


Sleep On Satin Pillows

Did you know that your hair can end up quite badly damaged after you’ve had a good night’s sleep? It’s true, and it’s all because of the pillows or fabrics that you sleep on. Hair can easily snag on cotton pillows, so it’s a good idea to switch to satin or silk. The fibers in satin are very smooth and will let your hair glide over, so there is less chance of the strands breaking throughout the night. It's also a great way to keep a style held in place longer - whether that be straightened hair, curled hair, or an up-do from the night before you want to get another day's wear out of. And, they're also great anti-ageing for your face and neck!


Always Use Conditioner

Do you use conditioner whenever you wash your hair? Even if your hair is prone to getting greasy, it’s still important to use it - try just applying it to the ends of your hair to nourish and avoid split ends. A good conditioner for your hair and scalp needs will leave it moisturised and looking very rich, some even colour protect, add volume, or support curls.


Add a Hair Mask to Your Routine

Need some extra moisture and shine in your hair? Add a hair mask or treatment to your weekly routine and protect, strengthen and revitalize. There's plenty on the market for every need including cleaner, safer, cruelty free hair treatment options as well. Really brittle hair could also benefit from the easy at home solution of some coconut oil rubbed into the ends. A tiny bit can act as a serum to add shine throughout the day or lather and leave in for a deep condition you can wash out silky and smooth tresses on a budget.


Use A Quick-Drying Towel

Generally speaking, letting hair dry naturally as often as possible is best for your hair, as too much heat can do the damage that all the  above tips are trying to avoid. However, if you want to cut down using a hair dryer and cut down your styling time all in one go, try using a quick-drying towel. It will speed up your hair drying, and you can then start styling it in no time at all. A heat protector spray is also a must add to your routine if you're using lots of heat styling tools.

* The typical results are different for everyone. Product results vary depending on individual effort, skin type, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like.


My hair journey has definitely been an interesting one, but finding a few simple things that work for me
and setting a routine to stick to makes for easy styling, happy healthy hair, and a more confident me!

What's your hair story and what's your best tip for luscious locks?
Let us know in the comments below.





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