6 Tricks To Spend Less On Clothes When You’re Obsessed With Fashion

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A Camilla-esque dress I found for a fraction of the price that's way better quality than the similar I saw in Bali (where this pic was taken)! It pays to hunt for the looks you love at less when you can't justify the cost-per-wear of the alternative.


“I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is what is modern.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld

"I've got nothing to wear!" is the first-world problem plaguing many a sister staring into the abyss of her wardrobe. And it's the exclamation that drives the lunch-break or late night online 'sale' click-a-thon a little too often. So how to spend less and still always be clothed? Stylishly. One option, of course, is to just stop buying clothes, but not too many of us can are willing to go cold turkey on the situation just yet.

So, what do you do? Accept that you’re going to spend a ton of money on clothes every month and try to find other places to cut your spending? No, there’s no need to do that, because if you know what you’re doing, you can keep your wardrobe updated and your love of fashion alive without bankrupting yourself. Here's how to spend less money on clothes easily...and save that extra cash for a European getaway to actually wear everything you own!


Set A Budget

Often, the reason we end up spending way too much money on clothes is we let impulse buys cloud our better judgement, regardless of how much we actually need the item. It’s those occasional impulse buys that add up over the weeks and months and push your spending over the edge. The easiest way around this is to create a budget for your clothes and stick to it. Yup. If you limit yourself to a certain amount each month, it’ll make you think twice before buying anything. Spending your budget too early on things that you don’t really need means not having enough left over for the essentials that you might need to buy later in the month. You'll learn pretty quickly that tactic ain't going to work for you and if you're serious about your budget, it will hold you accountable and keep your money in your pocket for something you absolutely adore. 


Buy Quality Over Quantity

Buying more expensive stuff sounds like the worst way to save money on fashion but in the long run, you won’t be wasting anywhere near as much. Better quality clothing might cost you more initially, but it’ll also last you a lot longer. You could buy one pair of quality leather boots that will last you decades, or you buy a cheap pair of faux leather boots and replace them every 6 months. The bonus is that quality items tend to get more comfortable and more beautiful with age, whereas crappy quality looks, well, crappy. However, do be mindful when it comes to the big designer brands. Most designer brands are decent quality but you’re also paying for the brand label so you’ll be spending double what you might really need to. Stuff that isn’t designer can have the same level of quality for half the price so don’t be fooled by the brands too often.


Buy Versatile Clothes

Before you buy anything, you need to ask yourself when you’ll actually be able to wear it. If you’re buying pieces that only work with one outfit and are only suitable for one specific occasion, you're not going to get the wear return on your investment - even if it was cheap, that's not the point. The best way to save money is to buy things that are versatile and suit your style and shape so you can create a lot of different outfits with them. A good pair of jeans, a quality blazer and a plain white t-shirt are all wardrobe staples that are incredibly versatile for most people. For me, I find I can build creative and comfortable looks by adding in durable white sneakers, a leather mini and a chic but practical bag. Scroll through your best pics of yourself and you'll soon see what your staples are, then put those pieces at the front of your wardrobe and work around them.


Ignore Trends

The fashion industry is great at creating false demand for clothes by changing trends regularly. If you follow those trends religiously, you’ll end up buying way more clothes than you need to. We often stop wearing things that are out of style, even if they’re perfectly good clothes because we're suddenly enamoured by the latest morsels we're been fed. But let's be real though, they still look good and most people don’t care whether they’re a trend from last season or not. Instead of following trends and buying a whole new wardrobe each time the stuff you have falls out of style, try to ignore the trends and wear what you want to wear. Find a style that you like and stick with it, maybe mixing in an in-fashion accessory every now and then if it truly speaks to your aesthetic. You’ll get so much more wear out of all of your outfits and you’ll only be replacing things when they’re worn out.


Buy Second Hand

Buying used clothes is one of the easiest ways to cut the amount you’re spending, especially if you want to wear designer stuff.  There's some seriously great options to be found for next to nothing if you're willing to put in the hunt at charity shops and consignment stores in your local area or wherever you're visiting. And you’ll often find things that are very fashionable and unique, especially as vintage fashions always come back around. Good options for a cheaper price also exist on eBay, Amazon and Etsy as well, cutting down the all-too-easy online spending if that's your weak spot. You can also sell your own old clothes and accessories online and use the money to buy new things, essentially getting the new for free and keeping your wardrobe streamlined.

"I'm gonna pop some tags. Only got twenty dollars in my pocket."
 - Macklemore 

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Invest in quality laundry cleaners and don't be afraid to hand wash your items when you're just no sure if it will survive the machine. Trust me, it could be a sad, sad lesson to learn quickly!


Wash Your Clothes Less Often

OK, this might sound a bit gross but it can really help you save money. Obviously, you still need to wash your clothes so they don’t smell but most people do it too often or do it incorrectly, thus ruining them. Things like shirts and blouses can really only be worn once before they need a wash but sturdier pieces of clothing like jeans or jumpers are usually fine to wear a couple of times before you wash them. (In fact, some people advise never washing your jeans at all, or get this - you can apparently put them in the freezer to get rid of the bacteria and not do as much damage as putting them in the washing machine in the reg. Mind blown!) You just need to air out the weekly non-washables and they’ll be fine to wear again. By washing your clothes less often - and spending the money on dry-cleaning the spesh stuff like you know you should - they’ll last longer and you're stretching your investment a lot more wisely. 

Use these simple tricks and you’ll be able to cut the amount of money
that you’re spending on clothes every month.
Got more?

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