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Spending, saving, splurging, purging...there's a lot to think about if you truly want to cultivate a considered closet. And maybe this is the first time you've really stopped to think about it at all. Maybe we can thank Marie Kondo and her tidying up skills, or conscious companies and their sustainable messages. Maybe you've created yourself a budget because of a major life adjustment or big goal that simply cannot go undone anymore, and this is the year to take charge and make change - hard as you think it might be. Good for you, whatever has brought you here. I hope that by sharing what I'm up to in my up-leveling, authentically me, ongoing makeover that it helps you on the way to yours! I think you might be pleasantly surprised and maybe even a little challenged with this one...



If you feel like I've been banging on about quality staple wardrobe pieces for awhile now - I have. And I'm not sorry about it. They are naturally more expensive than your average high street and online fast fashion items, and in short, I'm saving. I save my monthly bonuses from my social marketing business and they are my 'leveling up' funds. It's actually great motivation to work harder and smarter each month to bonus bigger, especially when there's sales on!

So yes, spending on higher calibre construction and fabrics for better fit and longer wear is game here. Like, I'm looking for fashion I can still be wearing in 20 years! Sustainable, sure. Less of a pain point for coming to terms with my 'wear till death' attitude when stuff starts looking sloppy "but it's still in one piece" predicament. That's a tongue-twister, but does anyone relate? If it fits me and once looked good, I have realised I really am no good at knowing when to part ways with it, so better quality equals less chance of me having to get good at this!

Next on my spending list for this year though - still, a great fitting black leather jacket, a fabulously fitted black blazer, and the perfect pair of flattering, wide-ish leg brown check trousers. I know, specific - but that's the point to waiting for the right find rather than grabbing at whatever goes. See, spending is saving in the long run for more than one reason!


"Find your own style. Don't spend your savings trying to be someone else. You're not more important, smarter, or prettier because you wear a designer dress."
- Salma Hayek









OK, so if you were expecting a list of items you could give yourself permission to go and click shop in 2.5 seconds guilt-free, also not sorry. It ain't going to happen this year (we can stay strong, really, it's just fashion) because it's time to start saving on everything if you're not already. Yep, plot twist, there's probably nothing fashion related any of us neeeeeed to buy for life and death right now. And so, why not save by stopping to ask "do I really need this right now?" and "have I got something similar in my wardrobe already?"

This is about waiting for sales, walking away and seeing if you still remember it in a week. It's about knowing the brands and styles that suit your body shape, lifestyle and shopping preferences, and signing up to those select few e-newsletters to keep a discerning and resistant eye on what absolutely, truly interests you and adds value to your current closet. 

It's going to teach you patience. It's going to test your creativity to come up with stylish solutions that a new purchase would otherwise instantly 'fix.' And it's going to teach you to get really good at searching and sourcing, organizing your wants and needs and then acting with speed when the ideal saving opportunity presents itself.

Saving is the key theme here - both in accumulating cash and then only spending it smartly. Imagine all the land, air and sea miles you're saving for fewer packages been spun around the earth. Imagine all the hidden fees you'll save by NOT using money you don't actually have (oh, I didn't mention that? yeah, that too)! Imagine the beautiful, perfectly fitting, high quality, long lasting items you will be proud to wear and feel a million dollars in at the end of just 1 year of doing this. 5 years, 10! Bravo you, you stylish, savvy sass pot πŸ˜‰


spending saving fashion wardrobe closet tips trends habits healthy


So who's with me?
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