How to Shop Your Wardrobe For New Season Trends & Save Hundreds!


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Got a passion for fashion but not the budget you'd like to shop "all new" every season? No worries, I got you. Or rather, your wardrobe has got you! Yep, shopping your wardrobe is the new thrifting. (OK, thrift shopping is still an excellent option, but that's a whole other blog post!) As trends change with the seasons once again, it's time to put the credit card away, throw open your closet, and get clever with what you've already got. Here's how:


1. Tag the Trends

Before you go all Marie Kondo on your closet, head to Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or your favourite fashion news site and suss the trends that are hot right now. The trick is not to get too far down the rabbit hole with 10 carts, pending transactions you might regret and a shaky clicker finger. Skim the trends quick. List the things that catch your eye: lots of black, a touch of tartan, suits and bodysuits, and those sunnies! It can be as long or short as you like, because really, what you like is the whole point of fashion, regardless of trends. You can just happen to wear what you like most about the trends and claim that cool-girl/oh-this-old-thing/I'm-barely-trying kinda swag. Now screenshot a bunch of looks where these things have been styled in a way you might wear them. And then, it's time to add your own 10%.


2. Clean Out the Closet

Yep, did I say this would be easy? Well, yes, if you're already neat and have followed my wardrobe stocktake and transformation rules already, then we good. If not, wine. (But don't whine, coz sis about to save!) Referring to your list and screenshots, you now have a good idea of what you're looking for. Wanting to embrace animal prints? Yep, pull (neatly if you're organised - otherwise have at it because you need to tidy!) and lay out all the animal print currently living in your wardrobe, right down to belts, scarves and undergarments! If you believe leopard print is basically a neutral like me, then you'll have ample choice. If not, and it's something you wouldn't be caught dead in, then you clearly skip that trend and move onto to something you can actually get behind.


3. Pick Your Pieces

Are you starting to see where this is going? Once your collection of (suiting, sports-luxe, or neon (no?)) trend pieces are hauled from every inch of your closet, go through each and audit. As long as you love it and it fits you, and the trend, pick it out and pile up. The 'is it clean,' and 'wear did this even come from questions have already come the cleaning process.

Now what goes with that? Before you go getting too judgmental and putting it all back away, the idea is to work your wardrobe and have it work for you...and sometimes that means experimenting and having a good ol' try on, style trial!


4. Styling Session

First, put on an item of clothing you think will work well with the previously pulled trend piece - be it a pair of trousers, white shirt, maxi dress, or whatever. Now, keep adding items, shoes and accessories until you have styled one completed look. And when you think it's done, step back and appreciate your skills - and take a photo! Make an album on your phone called 'Wear Now Trends,' and repeat until you've found a place for everything you can in that particular trend pile, and the next, and the next. You'll be amazed at the diversity and verstaility you now have in your wardrobe.


For some of these looks the trend item might be the hero; you may have doubled up on the same trend in the one look and made an even bolder statement; or you may have paired it right back. But guess what, that's you utilising the "stuff" in your wardrobe that you already owned and rocking it now as a trend. You are officially fashion!

*Pro Tip: Styling sessions are best when you have a decent amount of time to play, have some tunes playing that make you feel good, and usually not right after a big meal. To feel even more inspired, do your hair and makeup beforehand or keep it on if you've been out and about. It will help you visualise the complete outfit and feel fabulous being creative with your clothing.


5. Buy Only For Budget or Basics

There's one more important point here, and that's to stick to buying with passion and purpose from here on out! You might be left with a few pieces in each trend pile that doesn't really feel like it has a place anywhere anymore, and an end-of-session purge may be in order. If you still have love for a piece, keep it and see if it can pass the 'wardrobe shop test' with the next trend you want to style for. 

The cool thing about shopping your own wardrobe is you can save a tonne on trends, you suddenly have plenty to wear, and it cements in your mind what your personal fashion sense is really all about. It shows you pretty quickly what good quality basics might be missing in your wardrobe that can help you utilise more of your collection, plus what needs to be updated, or what budget trends you might truly be willing to spend on...or not at all!

A worthwhile wardrobe you can be proud of, comfortable and fashionable in
does take a bit of planning, playing and organising, but wow, it's so worth it!
What trends will you be shopping your wardrobe for this season?
Let us know below.





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