How To Support Your Fashion Obsession

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. In fact, it's great that you care - we should all want to look and feel good within ourselves - and clothes and other accessories are an amazing way of doing that. They can change the way you feel about yourself within a second and add personality from the kind of outfit you put on your body, the shoes that you wear, and the accessories you add.

Fashion gives you the freedom that you deserve to do whatever you want without having to apologize for who you are, and who you want to be. This is what makes it so special.

But how do you go about funding your inner fashionista?

Depending on the kind of style that you rock - you may be spending a lot of money that adds up over time. While there is nothing wrong with this as it's your passion and hobby, being spend smart and responsible with your money helps you stay out of debt and save for those sunshine yellow stilettos that finish off your spring garden party look just perfectly. Amiright?!

So here's my best tips for affording all the fashion you desire, without the guilt: 


Increase Your Income Streams

If you aren't already working, then you need to get yourself a job so that you can fund your lifestyle, bossgirl! If you do but it isn't enough, then you may want to think about getting a second job or starting a side hustle so you have an extra income. There are many jobs that you can pick up on the weekends or evenings like waitressing or bar work, as there is always a need for staff. Or you could pair your love of fashion with work in a fashion outlet or even creating your own line of accessories and selling them at your local markets, on Instagram or online via an Etsy store. Don't be too proud to take a look at social marketing as a viable option also. With the right company and community, you might just find or build yourself a great group who loves fashion too and gets to dress up at events, earn jewellery and other bonuses and maybe even grow your passions with that as your financial bridge.

* There are no guarantees. Results are different for everyone. Annual typical earning statement available at


Consider a loan

Loans shouldn't be taken out without a lot of consideration and I only suggest this as benefits or goal option, not one of convenience! I'm talking about if an an entirely new wardrobe is needed due to losing everything in a robbery or natural disaster, relocation, a new job or the start of an opportunity. You know what's best for you babe, don't be cray! Remember that although it's a quick fix to get the money you need - you are also expected to pay back what you've borrowed, as well as interest rates, and that number will increase the longer you take to pay everything back. Having said that though, there are many companies like who give you a lot of freedom when it comes to taking out a loan. As long as you have been approved, you can decide on exactly how much money you want, as well as how you go about paying it back. Plus it's very simple to do - you don't need to go to various meetings to discuss your intentions - you can just fill in an application form online and the rest is all taken care of for you.


Get Sponsored

There are so many opportunities available on social media nowadays that you can start using to your advantage. If you already have a decent following on a platform like Instagram due to your ability to put together a fascinating outfit, then you need to figure out how to make the most out of that. Same goes if your talents like in surfing, racing or some kind of social journalism where you get to where your favourite kind of outfits for a living. Contact your favourite clothing brands and send them photos of you in their pieces. Tag them in your images and videos, as well as using their signature hashtag. You may not hear anything back straight away, but as long as you're persistent, are respectful, and match their ideal target market, then you may just get noticed and featured on their page. From there, you could get a lot more attention, so much so one day they may be sending you packages full of clothes for you to promote for them. Be genuine, be yourself and let fun and your love of fashion to drive you, not the freebies, and your passion will stand out. 


Make your own

If you're creative, then why not make your own outfits. You may love the luxury of shopping and spending money on great buys, but imagine the rewarding experience it will be to make your very own customised and perfectly fitting items of clothing. You could also have fun re-working old clothes that you have stored away in the back of the wardrobe that haven't seen daylight in years. Something new for not a single penny sounds pretty good to me! Take your old jeans for example. With some sandpaper, scissors, and bleach, you can drastically change the look of them and save yourself hundreds on the distressed jeans trend that doesn't ever seem to go away. Or turn them into shorts ready for the summertime by cutting them and fraying out the edges - Brittany style. And again, if you're this handy, why not make clothes or accessories to sell or tell your friends and be their personal tailor or customiser. They will love you forever....and may even pay you in clothes!


People say that you can't have your cake and eat it too - but of course you can.
You just need to be intelligent and know how to properly manage your money like a responsible individual
(This is a good starting point btw: You could always meet with a financial adviser* if you aren't that experienced in the number department or need to get your finances not just back on track, but booming. They will be able to evaluate all of your spending costs and see how you can still enjoy what you love, but know when the right time is to do so, and when it's time to hold off on that purchase until you have enough stability to go forwards.

*PS. I AM NOT that financial advice, so do go check with the pros 😉

Here's owning your style - literally!
What's your best tip? Let me know in the comments below.





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