Lockdown Looks Made Luxe with Longer-Wearing Loungewear

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If you have been living under a rock - or should I say, under a blanket - for the last 2 months, loungewear is everywhere and the temptation to buy it all in isolation desperation is strong! Blame the current global situation on the longest running cosy trend of all time, or the fact no-one really loved to wear jeans and heels in the first place, who knows. But this comfort dressing fashion friend can quickly become a foe where fools rush in. So let's strip it bare and share a few hints to help you buy better and not just another sweater...



While we all want to be cosy at home, we'd be lying if we said we didn't also want to be ultra chic post-confinement. So before you fill your cart with fast throw-away stay at home fashion, shop your wardrobe, stocktake your sweats, and adapt the loungewear-as-everywhere trend to suit your style and actual needs. Because no, you won't be needing 10 pairs of knitted shorts and matching crops when we get the all clear from 'rona's claws!

Ask yourself:

  • Could I wear this outside as well as inside and not have a dignity destroying wardrobe malfunction?
  • Can I mix and match this set? With a structured top? Under a jacket? Or the top with my favourite jeans or leather skirt?


  • Is this actually comfortable and does it actually suit me - colour wise and shape wise?
  • Will the garment wash well, shrink, stretch or stay the same?
  • Can I dress it up and down? Wear it with heels and sneakers or slippers?
  • Do I already have something similar in my closet already that I can re-work right now?
    And...most importantly....
  • What was I saving for before all this started? Do I still want or need it? And do I want or need it more than buying into a trend that's simply saturating social media and having more than it's fair share of the spotlight due to extenuating circumstances? Huh... 😉




sweater dress loungewear fashion buying tips lifestyle blog
sweater weather hoody dress fashion lifestyle loungewear trend blog






Since the trend takes sleepwear to sofa and street, why not start with nightwear you can wear out! Yep, layer slinky silks and satins with cosy cashmere, a bold shouldered blazer, or a versatile and demure cardigan for a more dressed down approach.
Great fabrics that feel good and shapes that suit you will give the loungewear trend overall greater longevity for inside and outside activities.
And that's a trend twist we can get behind!





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