Essential Pieces to Take Your Wardrobe Through the Seasons

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Do you live in an area where it's essentially one season all year round? Do you not have the biggest wardrobe in the world, or a massive budget to replace your fashions year upon year? Yeah, same. Although I am one to pack away a pile of winter clothes and pop them into storage for travel to chillier locales, I mostly work with the same set of looks season to season and just add or subtract a few key pieces. I am absolute outfit repeater and I quite enjoy the creativity that comes with layering or finding ways to style an ensemble to look new and different.

Choosing to invest in pieces that you can wear in all seasons, is a great way to save money and time, and a chance to make the most out of the clothes that you love, instead of packing them away for half of the year. Here are some of the essentials that you can wear in all four seasons and get ultimate bang for your buck...and space!

"Because of what's going on with the economy, I think women are realizing that maybe they don't need a closet full of clothes. They just need the right clothes."
- Michael Kors



There are many different kinds of dresses but we all know a go-to when we see one. You might have formal dresses for work, cocktail and occasion dresses for big events, more casual dresses for comfy days off, and summer dresses for days at the beach. While some of these may be seasonal, many are easy to wear and dress up or down whatever the weather. Add layers with tights and t-shirts underneath and blazers and jackets over the top, and there’s nothing to stop you wearing the same dresses all year round. Even strappy summer dresses look great with a long sleeve tee and long boots on a cold day.

TRANS-SEASONSAL TIP: Don't trust your own eyes? Turn up the tunes and do a good ol' dress up session in the mirror trying on and discovering at least two new ways to wear your fave dresses for the season!



Classic button-down cotton, silk and satin shirts are perfect whatever the weather. On a warmer day, they look great with shorts or open over a cami. In winter, they look smart under a jumper or cool with a pinafore dress or jumpsuit as an extra layer. There’s a lot that you can do with a classic shirt, and we should all have at least one in our wardrobes.



Throw on a cute tee under a summer dress, team a classic grey V-neck t-shirt with jeans, or layer up a slogan tee with a long-line cardigan. Add some glam with layered necklaces, statement earrings, or a cosy scarf. You can even add skivvies or thermal cami's underneath and still be comfortable, warm and chic, effortlessly. A beautiful quality plain white tee will always look amazing, no matter what the weather!


"I wear the same thing every day. I always pack two black jackets, loads of black T-shirts, loads of white jeans. I feel a little fresh and glamorous and graphic."
- Michael Kors



Denim and leather go with almost anything. A denim jacket can warm up many summery outfits, and well fitting jeans or leather pants are easily dressed up or dressed down. Heels elevate everything, knee high boots add warmth and cosy class, while sneakers and wedges can even work with the right mix for casual spring/summer vibes. My light blue denim jacket and black leather-look pants are two of the most worn and easy to throw on and go items in my entire wardrobe, both for home and travel, and they never get stored away!



The right trousers can be great for all seasons. The loose fit of wide leg trousers means that they are cool in hot weather, but they look great with chunky knits and long sleeves in winter and you can even layer long boots and thermals underneath comfortably if you have to. Slim line, paperbag waist, cropped, wool, faux leather, satin, or straight leg - you might have to try on a million to find the perfect fit, but it's so worth the effort when you can live in them for years to come for work, rest or play!



If there’s one pair of shoes that we all need, it’s a comfy sneaker - even the most elegant will own a pair somewhere. Perfect, no matter what else you are wearing or what the weather is like, the comfort factor alone is sometimes all you want! Opt for all leather uppers if you experience more colder temps than not, and linen or mesh tops for warmer climes. White works for me, but blend-in black or statement bright might be just the shoe for you. Invest well, keep them clean and they will serve you for many seasons to come.



Everyone's idea of the perfect practical bag will be different (I prefer small bags with a top handle and cross body strap), but there's no denying the versatility of a tan bag, a shopper style tote and a backpack. If you want a bag that works no matter what the weather, find one that’s easy to carry, holds your essentials, and works with the majority of your wardrobe - pink, bright, black or white - you decide!




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