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Business women are changing. At least that's what I keep telling people who think I have to turn up to meetings and conferences in pinstripes and pumps. The beauty of my line of work is dressing creatively is dressing my truth and being authentically me is what attracts more of my tribe to me...and together we can inspire each other through fashion, confidence and the ultimate style - our personality! So if you're new to my What I Wore posts, I break down the fashion lessons I learn from each extended work and play adventure, so you can steal them to be comfortably chic for your next event.



Dressing my truth is often colourful, creative, comfortable and classic. Yep, it's all of those things, which seems crazy to some but oh-so-right for me and my lifestyle. I did the work to find my signtaure fashion style which makes being me that much more natural. And the best isn't that it makes it easier to shop, or faster to get dressed each day, but that the people in my company feel the ease in which I completely show up to be present in that moment with them. I'm not self conscious, figgity, or distracted. And that's powerful for both my experience of events and as my gift to others, a little unconscious nudge that it's safe for them to do the same.


"It's not about the dress you wear, but the life you lead in the dress."
- Dianna Vreeland



Auditoriums tend to be chilly, days tend to blend into nights and distances between conference room, car, and couch can be dauntingly long. An outfit that cuts you off in the middle (it helps to avoid the carbs yo!) is too tight, too short, or in terms of shoes, too new, can exacerbate your discomfort. Cute and comfortable and even corporate comfort luckily exist in spades these days so be wearer wise and practice taking a few outfit combos out for a full day spin somewhere to see if they stand up to the task. Speaking of comfortable, aren't jumpsuits the ultimate! But this jumpsuit moment caused quite the controversy. Check it out and tell me, have you had people jump to conclusions too?!



With any event that spans over a few days it could cost a small fortune to rush out and buy all new outfits for every occasion. Instead, pick the one moment you'd like to make a wow impact and shop for that - unless of course there's a wow moment already hanging in your wardrobe with the tag still on begging to be worn! If you can't pick that one moment, pick options, try on, and layout looks for the whole event, shopping from your wardrobe to complete outfits, accessories and all, with items in your closet you may never have worn that way before. Then, if there are any gaps left, you can shop (don't forget op-shops for unique wow's!). But if you're anything like me, while you're pulling these OOTD's you're also doing a mini stocktake and ditching items as you go, which works perfectly for the one-in-one-out rule!

what i wore gold coast week work play outfits fashion blogger witchy glam


"A repeat outfit is really just a well earned encore."
 - #jcrewtruths


what i wore gold coast week work play outfits fashion blogger white party fun

At previous white parties I've gone down the bodycon and stilettos route and regretted it on the d-floor immediately! When your intention is to have a good time and get around the room to network as much as possible, cute and comfortable is key!

what i wore gold coast week work play outfits fashion blogger short girl

A perfect of example of elevating an otherwise casual outfit with the surprise of a cool print, crazy (short girl saviour) shoes, and a chic bag. This was comfortable, warm and the most complimented look I wore all weekend!

what i wore gold coast week work play outfits fashion blogger androgynous

So many of my favourite things in this outfit - stars, classic black and white, a button up androgynous shirt, forgiving but stylish leather leggings, statement shoes and a little Tiffany blue. Oh and JLo-esque hoops from that Celeb Style Steals Pinterest board of inspo.


Shop your wardrobe for work and play and get creatively confident with outfit repeating. 
Hashtag your outfit of the day on Instagram #samsstylesquad.





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