12 Ways To Achieve A Cosy Home Atmosphere

Creating a cosy home gives you a safe haven to come home to, especially as the weather gets cooler. You want to look forward to coming home, letting your hair down, feeling the stresses of the day melt away and snuggling in for the night. Below are some ideas to create the perfect cosy atmosphere at your place:


1. Mood Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to creating a cosy home atmosphere. Dimming down the lights is like dimming the day away, so getting dimmer switches  in your living room and even the bedroom is a must if your're able. Dimmers allow you control the lighting and create just as much light or shade as you need to depending on what you’re doing and how you feel. Practical lighting for certain rooms is still a necessity, but don’t forget Himalayan salt lamps, fairy lights or ropes lights, and even modern oil diffusers can set a very inviting and relaxing mood in any room.


2. Add Texture

Texture instantly gives your home luscious cosiness to sink into and chill. Include textural fabrics on furniture, accessories such as cushion and throws, through layered rugs, and even via your wallpaper or wall hangings. Natural fibres, chunky knits, grass-cloth, and kilms all add depth and warmth to your space. But even textural stone and wood on the walls, floors, table tops, furniture legs, and sculptures can be considered warm and cosy if balanced with enough softness. Tactile materials  can also add richness and interest to a home when layered suitably to the style of interior and the season. 


3. Comfortable Seating

I don't think anyone would argue, there has to be comfortable seating somewhere in every cosy home. Whether in the form of individual chairs, big sink in sofa's, footstools, floor cushions or beanbags, do your best to place your comfy seating in an intimate arrangement to promote conversation and interaction. Add side tables or coffee tables nearby with a few lamps to complete the fireside feels.


4. Candles & Warming Scents

Candles, diffused essential oils and incense can be used to create a warming atmosphere that relaxes the senses even more. Vanilla, cinnamon, amber, and chai spice are all rich autumn/winter scents that will have you diving for the nearest blanket. Remember that some candles have a better ‘hot throw’ than others. Jo Malone candles, for instance, are quite pricey but are so worth it when you smell them...and keep smelling them. Choose quality over quantity for everything scented so as not create a headache inducing concoction, and opt for natural over synthetic smells wherever possible.  


5. A Fireplace

The dream house connotations of cosy include a fireplace, but if you aren't lucky enough to have one, there are other options to get the warm glowing light we all love. It's called an illusion fireplace - visit here to see what they’re all about -  and they are super quick to install, take no maintenance and look and feel amazing. Talk to your trusted builder to see if it's an option for you.


6. An Inviting Entryway

The entrance to your home is like the front cover of a good book. It should make you want to go further inside, feel comfortable and get a glimpse of the family and values that live there. Warm up your entryway with texture, artwork, and a cute welcome matt so you and your guests love what they see and experience the second they step through your door. Painting your door a rich hue and adding a seasonal wreath is another option to take the cosy vibes all the way!


"When I'm home, I like a cozy, comfortable, calming space."
- Stacy Keibler


7. Conversational, Not Cramped Layout

Make sure your furniture is laid out so that your guests find it just as easy to communicate comfortably as to move around with ease. You, your family, and your guests shouldn’t have to contend with rugs to trip over or stubbed toes as you make your way around your home all in an effort to create cosiness. If you’re unsure of how to lay your home out so that you achieve this, you can use an app online that will help you to figure out the best layout for your space, providing you include the correct measurements.


8. Include Stylish, Personal Details

Create extra cosiness with stylish and personal decor that holds some meaning for you and your family. In fact, studies have shown that having accessories that don’t mean anything to you simply makes clutter that stresses you out. Put special momento's on display, hang a gallery wall of family painted artwork, or layer nana's hand-knitted throw with other's of different colour or texture. 


9. Layered Cushions And Throws

Layered cushions and throws are a great way to add comfort and texture quickly. You can style your pillows a number of ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes and materials to see what looks good in your decor. Nothing says 'Netflix and chill' more than velvet, suede, leather, linen, wool and faux fur. But don't be afraid to mix in some embroidery, Moroccan-style, pom poms and tassels too. The more the merrier.


10. Flowers And Plants

Flowers and plants in the home will not only make you happier according to science, they help to add both colour and texture too which ultimately create a more relaxing atmosphere. Layer lots of plants in one room to create a cool and cosy, almost jungle-like feel.  Or add one or two statement plants like a potted fiddle leaf fig, a native flower table arrangement, or strategically place a large knotted branch across a table, mantle or mounted on the wall. If you’d rather have the look without the maintenance of live plants and flowers, invest in some realistic looking fake plants.


11. A Warm Colour Scheme

Hopefully you've gotten this far with a warming colour scheme in mind. If not, consider a palette of taupes, creams, camel, browns, orange and rust, mustard yellow, forest green, ox blood and other warm colours. Metallics from the bronze and gold family also add warmth and a touch of luxe. Deep and dark paint or wallpaper on the walls can look rich and dramatic, but if your walls are more neutral, bring the warmth through your furniture and accessory choices instead. 


12. Pictures Of Family And Friends

Put the finishing touch on your personalised space by including your favourite pictures of your family and friends. This will make you smile every time, and could even give you a theme to base a feature wall around. You can use frames of different sizes and shapes to create an interesting gallery wall that will give you and everyone who visits (especially if they spot themselves in the pictures) a healthy dose of the warm fuzzies!


What's the cosiest space in your home?
Let us know in the comments below. 





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