3 Simple Ways to Prep Your Home for Spring Now Christmas is Over

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Sure, some of us may be in the midst of winter, but we are about to turn a fresh page into the new year and start looking forward to the seasons ahead of us. If you're someone who likes to keep their Christmas decorations up until March, just know there's so many great decorating opportunities you're missing in between - hello New Years and the rest of winter! But here we're skipping ahead to share a few different ways that you can prep your home for the spring months and make the most of it.

"It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn." 
- B. C. Forbes


1. Take Down & Store Festive Decorations

Your decorations may still be up, as many of us leave them up for the full twelve days of Christmas (that's the 25th December to the 5th of January in case you were wondering!) But as we near the end of the period consider where you’re going to store them until next year's Holidays come around. If you have a real tree, be sure that you dispose of it responsibly. If you have an artificial tree, hopefully you have kept the box that it came in so it can be put away properly. If not - or it's Tetris to get in back in - there's plenty of flexible storage bag options available and some even have wheels to make it super easy to transport.

Store decs away in your loft, in a shed, or even in an external storage facility. Wherever you choose to store it, keep it together with other decorations that have been boxed, bagged and labelled, so that everything can be easily accessed next Christmas and it all stays clean, safe and dry. Respect your decorations and the money you spent on them and they'll serve you for years to come. You'll be grateful you went to the extra effort this time next year. 



2. Do that Big Spring Clean

No doubt, the house will need an almighty dusting after taking down and packing away the Christmas decorations, plus spring cleans are traditional for a reason. They ensure you are living in a comfortable and healthy home for the upcoming year and are necessary whether you have a big family or live alone - especially if you have pets, children, or open fireplaces inside. Begin by doing a de-clutter. You are likely to have accumulated a host of unnecessary belongings throughout the year, or at the very least, piles of 'stuff' you said you'd get around to sorting through after the Holidays. Think of it like a stocktake of clothes, decor, books, and even furniture that you've outgrown or no longer need. It's also a great time to ditch the out-of-date makeup!

Donate whatever you don’t use or need to friends and family where appropriate or charity, church and thrift stores. If items aren’t in suitable condition to be donated, recycle them or dispose of them thoughtfully. Then carry out every cleaning task that you can think of with a little elbow grease - over, under, sideways and down! Deep clean your carpets, mop floors, clean windows, wash your upholstery, polish and sanitize surfaces. Even make a family working bee day of it and your home will be gleaming from top to bottom in next to no time!


"The objective of cleaning is not just to clean,
but to feel happiness living within that environment."

- Marie Kondo


3. Plant Flowers & Decorate with Nature

With spring temperatures perfect for growth and flourishing this is going to be the best time of year to plant various different types of flowers and shrubs. Research which types flourish in your area (and in your type of soil) through the spring well in advance. You might need to start planting seeds and bulbs now for them to establish themselves in time. And be sure to know their specific needs and requirements to ensure that you can continue to care for them properly. Common and beautiful options include Snowdrops, Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus and Anemone.

It's also a great time to decorate with flowers and foliage - real, faux, in wreath form, vase form, or through floral and Spring-inspired motifs on cushions, pillows, throws and bedding, right through to rugs and wallpaper if you prefer to go big! Let natural fibres and Mother Nature rule the roost and make a welcoming and relaxed addition to your decor. Open windows, let the light, scent freshly and let your home and garden breathe and blossom as you naturally do in this beautiful season. And enjoy!


Do you have some Spring prep rituals for a happy home?
Share them below.

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  1. miranda
    February 21, 2019 / 17:19

    I can’t wait to spring clean and get ready for warmer weather. Great motivation to start the day!

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