4 Questions To Ask Before Throwing Out Clutter

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De-cluttering your home is a big (and very useful) trend at the minute. The benefits range from better organization, more productive work, and an improved mental state. Getting rid of all the old stuff from your house is a great way to put the past behind you and start a new chapter of your life. The problem is, it can be difficult to decide what to keep and what to chuck. If you’re too ruthless with it, you might end up throwing out things that you’ll miss later on. Before you start on your de-cluttering journey and get more organized at home, ask yourself these questions about each item.


When Did You Last Use It?

This is the most important question in your de-cluttering decision making process. Most people have a drawer full of junk that they keep just in case they need it. They don’t like to throw this stuff out because it could be useful at some point. The thing is, if you haven’t used something in months, is it really that useful to you? Make a pile of stuff that you don’t think you’ll use again, but don’t throw it out right away. Sleep on it and think of any ways that you might use it in future, if you do think of some use for it, you can take it off the junk pile and keep it....in an organised fashion of course! But most of the time, you’ll end up clearing out a lot of this stuff and you'll feel super good about it. #tryit 😉


Does It Have Sentimental Value?

Some of the clutter in your house is only there because it has sentimental value, not because it has any particular use (amiright?!). It’s OK to keep this stuff because it’s a part of your life. However, you could think about getting a storage unit from somewhere like https://canningvalestorageunits.com.au/ and using it to keep some of those more sentimental items on loving display. That way, you're respecting and honouring these special possessions instead of seeing them as just more junk in a box. Side note: Ben and I have learnt the hard way recently that you can't keep all your nice things packed up for that 'one day' or the 'dream house.' Use it all now or it might not be around when the perfect time or place comes. 


Is It Worth Anything?

This is a question that you should ask about stuff you’ve already decided that you probably don’t want in the house. There’s no sense in chucking it away if it’s worth a bit of money. Pull together all of the stuff that is worth money and sell it online. You’ll end up with a de-cluttered house and a nice little cash bonus that you can put towards a weekend away. There’s a great app that tells you the value of any app on eBay, visit https://www.appbrain.com/app/whats-it-worth-on-ebay-free/de.koloch.evaluator.free for more information. Have fun, and don't be too greedy, the idea is to move it for some money not alll the money! 😉

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Does It Serve More Than One Purpose?

Things that have a double function are great for keeping the house free of clutter. Things that only serve one specific function that could be fulfilled by another item can often be chucked. You don't need to keep every old wok or electric cooker if you've just invested in good a quality stove top, pot and pans or baking dishes. Be ruthless and circle back to our first question to keep you on track. By asking these 4 questions you can get a clear idea of whether something is actually worth keeping or if it’s just taking up space for no reason.  


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