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Keeping your home clean and in a safe state will not just help you avoid major problems later down the line, but it can go a long way to keeping you and your family healthy. If you don’t maintain your air conditioning unit for example then you may find that mould and other allergens spread throughout your home potentially causing long-term respiratory and other health issues. Use the below ideas as a checklist to stay well at home whilst maintaining the value and safety of your most expensive asset.



Observe your home in detail as you are going about normal cleaning and maintenance duties, or schedule time once a year to to a thorough top to bottom check. Look at everything from the siding on the lower levels of your home, to your chimney too. Sagging or even cracked masonry stoops can also be issues. High-stress windows and doors should also be checked. Of course, when you are doing this, it’s also helpful for you to check for any water that is collecting around the home.


Be a hazard spotter, inside and out, and teach your family to be on the look-out for potential problems requiring professional help before they become big ones.



Dust is almost unavoidable everywhere we go, but it does have the potential to be a major health hazard. Dust contains the skeletons and faeces of dust mites (gross), and this can aggravate asthma as well as kick-starting allergiesSo to limit dust as much as possible, it’s helpful to use a damp cloth when dusting so that the dust will actually stick to it rather than flying around in the air. Rags that you use for dusting should be washed routinely and separately, and when was the last time you cleaned your brooms, mops and vacuum cleaner of dust?! Do that too!



Vacuuming will help you to remove dust, pet dander, dirt and various other contaminants, and carpets should ideally be vacuumed no less than twice every week with normal traffic. The best way for you to ensure that the job is going to be done well would be to invest in a HEPA filter. This could help those who live in your home, who have asthma or other breathing difficulties. If you want to keep your dirt levels to a minimum, it will help to remove your shoes before you enter the home and keep pets outside or off soft furnishings.



Even windows and walls can be a source of health problems if you do not maintain them well. Inspecting and repairing walls should be part of your maintenance checklist, especially if you have an older home or asbestos walls. This preemptive and swift action can  prevent drafts and stop any excess moisture from entering the home. Call in a handy man or builder, or consider what you can safely DIY, such as re-caulking the windows and doors outside your home as well, and removing items where evidence of termites can be seen.

"The strong foundations of my home support my life, family, ideas and creations."
- Samantha Waters Home Affirmations

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If you want to make your home maintenance checklist the best that it can be, add looking over your appliances too. It might be time to fix your fridge because it is not as cool as it once was, or maybe to throw away that old freezer because it is just not working as well as it once did, wasting electricity and being a big wet mess waiting to happen! Blown pipes and faulty wiring around appliances and hot water systems especially are dangerous and best left to the pros! When upgrading, look for high star efficiency electricity and water usage ratings and buy the best quail you can for less white-goods waste going to landfill sooner.

A clean home isn't just for calmer living, it's for the overall health, safety and value of your home staying intact.
Here's to your happiest home!

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