Add a Touch of Luxe to Your Apartment

Whether you're lucky enough to live in a luxury building or whether you've found the perfect apartment that requires your luxe touch, decorating to create a beautiful and opulent home is totally achieveable and can be very enjoyable! But how much luxe is too much? And can you actually create a luxury look without breaking the bank? Well, the answer to both is, of course, yes. But you do have to be smart. You need to really think about the look that you want, shop around for key pieces, and try to keep a clear vision of what you want in mind.

Whether you’re more modern monochrome or vintage glamour, you can then look to add in the touches that bring that luxury edge.  Here are ten different luxury touches that will allow you to instantly add richness to your interiors.


A Neutral Colour Palette

While you definitely don’t have to be afraid of colour when you’re trying to create a luxury look in your apartment, too much colour can lean towards an eclectic style. If you prefer the clean and crisp version of luxurious, keep walls, floors and big furniture and decor pieces as neutral as possible. Think all tones of white, creamy beige, buff and latte, and remember that layering neutral textures can look so refined in their restrained palette. Mixing neutrals well is a talent, but it makes choosing options a breeze. 



Minimalism can be associated with affluence as much as maximalism and excess. You don’t have to go completely bare to create minimalism. It can simply be a few well chosen streamlined furniture choices that speak the same understated but beautiful language. Luxe up your minimal stylings with metal legs, rich fabrics, mirror, glass or smooth stone like marble. And of course, the key aim to minimalism is to avoid clutter. 



Glass is a material that's often used in homes of grandeur and perhaps luckily for you, often plentifully in apartment building designs.  Bring sleekness with a glass back splash, decorative wall, opulent chandelier or pendant light and through your decor items like vases, lamp bases, drinking glasses, bowls and even sculptures. For bathrooms, railings, doors and framing, a company such as Artform Living, can help you let light in, throw it around your space and transform your space. It's a classic and chic way to create a luxury touch.




Home decor trends can come and go, and that can often include directions in art. However, smart art buyers know to buy only what they absolutely love, and that in doing so those works can become the most luxurious investment pieces in their homes, no matter the style of art itself. But if you haven't quite developed an eye (or budget) for what intrigues and enchants you in the high-end art world you can still curate a collection that looks just as rich. Black and white large format artistically shot photographs framed with double white moulds and thin gold frames can look sleek and ultra modern when hung in long clean lines. If you like more of a gallery wall effect, be conscious of choosing canvases, frames or subjects that appear high quality and speak your language of luxe. And if you're really stuck, stick to a monochromatic scheme or one subject matter and position them 'in the frame' of your decor if you were taking a picture!



Just as jewellery can add glamour and polish to an outfit, so to can metallics in interior design schemes. Think metal door handles and pulls; a glisten of metallic detail in a back splash or bathroom feature tile; rose gold chair legs; sparkling silverware; bronze sculptures; or chrome bar carts. Silver looks great with cool shades and gold with warm, just be sure to layer it with a few of these other ideas to avoid creating a cold, hard space. 


Luxury Fabrics

It can be easy to go wrong here, but it can be so rewarding to get it right. Sometimes cheap not only feels cheap, it looks cheap. And common. And uninviting. Opt for faux furs, velvet's, brocades, linen and silks where you can. These fabrics will add to a luxury look, whereas choices like fleece or even sparse cottons can simply feel too plain and basic - opposite of  the splendour and grandeur feel of luxury. But do blend and balance where you can and remember price doesn't necessarily define style.



One material or look that will always allow you to create a luxury finish is marble. Right now, marble is huge as you can see on House Beautiful. But it’s also classic. Whether we’re talking kitchen counters or a coffee table, you know that opting for this timeless material will make your home feel so much more luxurious. Again, use with sophistication rather than ostentation.


Seamless Technology

Technology may seem like it detract from the look you’re trying to create, but when you choose the right devices, it always accentuates it. From a surround sound system that can keep incredible tunes playing around the entire apartment, to sleek gadgets in the kitchen, any technology that automates, alleviates or elevates enhances the seamless sexiness of a smart, safe and ultra luxe home. 


Styled Dining

One touch that definitely wows is always styling out your dining space. Even if you don’t tend to eat in the room every single night, having it decorated and styled creates a sense that a fine dinner party with delicious food and interesting company may happen at any moment - and that's a luxury that's been popularised for centuries. An empty table can simply look cold and unfinished. So do put that beautiful dinnerware, table setting, and decorative touches on display. And then enjoy it as often as you can!



And finally, you need to have a sense of flow throughout. Individual rooms shouldn't feel clunky, disparate or forgotten, especially if your apartment is on the smaller side. Each space has a purpose and should be styled as so and in keeping with an overarching theme of your apartment and lifestyle. Huffington Post demonstrates you may not have only one style of design or influence, but by ensuring that your rooms work well together and speak to each other as one walks through, you'll find a layered-over-time luxe look all of your own. And guests will feel it just 'works' as well. 


To ensure you’re creating a finished look that you love (of any style really), be open to building and curating your collection step by step. There's nothing worse buying a whole house of decor in one go, only to discover that it’s just not working out for you, or that you tried to create luxury on a shoestring. Sometimes style takes time, patience, delightful surprises...and savings. Start with your inspiration, and luxuriate in the process of creating the space of your dreams. Often, that's how some of the most beautiful homes came to be.






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